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28 Aug 2008 - 5:05am
8 years ago
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Brian Mclaughlin

Looking for finding around URLs

Can someone point me to research finding around whether users pay attention to a URL changes?

Quick background info:
I am doing work for a company and there is resistance to having the URL change to much. For example you are on the www.blue.com site and you click on a link that changes the URL to www.red.blue.com.

Keep in mind I am talking about the URL only.

28 Aug 2008 - 4:43am
USID Foundation

USID2008 Conference 4th-6th September - Agenda and Program Schedule

Dear All,

Following is the conference agenda and schedule for your reference.

27 Aug 2008 - 5:31pm
david grubman

Seeking Recommendation for Silicon Valley usability test lab

Can anyone recommend a usability test lab in the Silicon Valley area that
has good facilities and reliable recruiting?


- david

david grubman
david.grubman at gmail.com

27 Aug 2008 - 11:28am

Job - Interaction Designer - New York , NY - Contract - Recruiter

Interaction Designer

New York,NY

As an Interaction Designer you will play a key role in helping to design our
client's future applications. You will join a unique design team to create
the next generation of our client's products and services.


. You will be responsible for leading the design of product form and
behavior. Your focus will be on the behavior and interaction of the product.

. You will collaborate with visual designers to create visually
pleasing, on-brand experiences.


27 Aug 2008 - 7:26am
8 years ago
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Mozilla Labs: Ubiquity

Aza Raskin presents very intriguing interaction paradigm for the
browser, similar to his previous work with Enzo for the OS; instead of
you going to services, the application pulls those services in to your
workflow via a natural language command line.
He's created a nice video demoing the app

I wonder what people's thoughts are on (power-user orientated?)
command line interfaces when compared to the visually heavy designs at
the other end of the spectrum, e.g.

27 Aug 2008 - 1:45am
Gokul R

JOB: User Experience Designer, Chai Labs, Mountain View, CA (Full-Time)

*User Experience Designer, Chai Labs*

Chai Labs (www.chailabs.com) is an early stage stealth consumer Internet
startup started by folks from MIT, Stanford, Google and Cisco. We are backed
by top Venture Capitalists and angel investors, and are based in downtown
Mountain View, an easy walk from Caltrain. We are solving meaningful
problems and creating products that will be used by millions of users

26 Aug 2008 - 9:10pm
6 years ago
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Creating a UI Spec Document Template

Right now our small team is communicating UI changes and enhancements
with developers using PowerPoint mock ups with notes. I am concerned
this will eventually backfire and would like to bring a little more
formality to the process. Is anyone willing to share their UI spec
document and/or recommendations for putting together a spec. I have
used the PayPal format before but it has been a while and I don't
remember everything that was in it.

Since our team is very small I don't want to bring about a lot of
paperwork just something to make sure we have all of our bases


26 Aug 2008 - 6:28pm
Matthew Scott

JOB: Senior Information Architect: Los Angeles, CA: Contract

Spotwerks is a small boutique development firm based Southern California
with mid to large enterprise clients.
We have an immediate contract opening for a Senior Information Architect
that we hope will convert to a full-time salaried position in the next
six months.

Skill/Experience needed:

* Self motivated individual with experience dealing directly with
the client
* 5+ years of user experience design producing wireframes and
functional specifications
* Experience in rich media and social networking
* Preferable: Experience with boys demographic ages 5 to 15

26 Aug 2008 - 6:14pm
Hal Gill

Job: Information Architect - Falls Church, VA

Just the messenger...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Cassandra Babbington <cbabbington at hirestrategy.com>
Date: Aug 26, 2008 4:32 PM
Subject: Information Architect
To: HB.Gill at gmail.com

*Information Architect *

Location: Falls Church, VA - Position requires on-site work with the client

We currently have an excellent opportunity for a user-centered design
professional de

26 Aug 2008 - 5:54pm
8 years ago
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John Reeve

Emogrifier - Convert HTML & CSS into gmail friendly emails

Hello all.

I wanted to let everyone know about a free / open source utility we
recently launched called the Emogrifier. I'm sure most of us have
struggled with getting HTML emails to display properly in gmail. We
recently had to tackle this issue with one of our web apps, so we
thought we'd share the solution with other designers and developers.
This utility merges HTML and CSS into one document using inline styles
that gmail and other strict web-based email clients can understand.