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25 Aug 2008 - 4:53pm
dayna cho

Job posting request for Sr. Design Prototyper @ Yahoo!

I would like to post the following job on ixda.org, thank you.

Job Title: Sr. Design Prototyper

Location: Santa Clara, CA

* The Internet is a big, busy place, and we at Yahoo! are proud to
stand out in the crowd. As the world's number one Internet brand,
servicing over a half billion people, we're determined to maintain our
commitment to delivering news, entertainment, information and fun...
each and every day.

25 Aug 2008 - 4:22pm
Shannon Caddigan

JOB: Interaction Designer: SF: Brook Vanderford: Contract

*Title: Senior Interaction Designer - Contract*
*Location: SF Bay Area - 30 minutes from SF
Duration: 3 months or more, 40 hours per week
Contract Rate: Flexible / DOE
A progressive, fast-paced mobile-technology startup is searching for a
contract Senior Interaction Designer to serve as a user-experience lead
for assigned projects and contribute to the company's core product
design definition.

25 Aug 2008 - 3:30pm
Greg Petroff

Last Call for Lightning Round Speakers

Hi Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline for submitting a proposal to
be a lightning round speaker for the interaction09'|vancouver conference
is this coming Sunday, August 31st. Lightning Round talks were one of
the best parts of the 08 conference. If you have something you have
always wanted to share with the community this is your chance. You can
submit a proposal at:


Greg Petroff
Conference Chair

25 Aug 2008 - 3:10pm
Shannon Caddigan

JOB: Interaction Designer: SF Bay Area: Brook Vanderford: Full Time

Title: Interaction Designer/Senior Interaction Designer
Location: SF Bay Area - 30 minutes from SF
Compensation: 90's to low 100's DOE + stock

A progressive mobile-technology company is searching for an Interaction
Designer/Senior Interactive Designer to join its creative team and focus
on user interface design and usability.

25 Aug 2008 - 2:27pm
8 years ago
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Marty DeAngelo

Clients are funny

Just thought I would pass along this little treat.

I got an email about an hour ago telling me that our client was
concerned that the video player on one of our projects pages had
controls that were 'below the fold', and the client was concerned it
would cause user experience problems. I asked which page and went to
check it out.

25 Aug 2008 - 9:23am
8 years ago
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Billy Cox

AWOL posts, was 'survey on design pattern usage'

The first time I replied to a post on this list, the message never appeared
on the list because my reply went to the sender of the original message and
not to the list. I have to manually change the 'To' field in my email to
send a reply to the list.

How ironic that an email list for usability specialists is the least usable
list to which I subscribe.

25 Aug 2008 - 6:50am
8 years ago
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IxD and the Resistance of the Material

A while back I heard an interview with cellist and author Richard Sennett,
in which he spoke about the importance of the struggle against the *resistance
of the material* when learning a craft.

What, then, is the resistance of the material in *our *craft?

Martin Polley
Technical writer, interaction designer
+972 52 3864280

Yohan Creemers

[Event] Design by Fire conferece 2008 - Utrecht, NL

IxDA NL and Chi Nederland, the Dutch local chapter of ACM SIGCHI, organize an international conference on interaction design. This event, by the name of 'Design by Fire conference', offers an inspiring stage for interaction, information, interface and experience designers.

After the success in 2007 a second edition was inevitable. We are very pleased with the speakers on the program for this year:

:: Brendan Dawes, Creative Director for magneticNorth (UK), will take care of an inspiring keynote titled 'C30, C60, C90, GO!'.

24 Aug 2008 - 10:12pm
8 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I’m putting together an article on ‘best practice’
brainstorming practical usage and trying to get some feedback through various
mailing lists. One of these lists is
IXDA, I already read most of the interesting posts on brainstorming, and got
some ideas but I would like to get some more feedback. Please, refer to old
posts because I might have missed some of them.

I’m referring to brainstorming in agencies and design
studios but not over the phone or solo brainstorming. Below are some questions
that would really help me get finished with the article.

24 Aug 2008 - 6:05pm
Dave Malouf

1 week left to submit a lightning round proposal for Interaction09


The above URL will take you to the submission form to propose a
lightning round-25 min-presentation to be given at Interaction09 |
Vancouver (Feb 5-8, 2009) hosted by Simon Fraser University (SFU).

We'd love to hear from any one of you, your thoughts regarding any
aspect of interaction design.

For more information about the conference you can also go to http://ixda.org/.

The deadline for submissions is Midnight