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21 Aug 2008 - 1:06pm
7 years ago
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oliver green

UI patterns - sort by more than one column

Hi All,

Can someone point me to UI patterns or examples of interfaces that
allow the user to sort the date by more than one column or more than
one variable (i.e. sort by name and time)


21 Aug 2008 - 10:23am
8 years ago
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Becky Reed

Accessing repetitive motion in a web application?

Howdy Folks,

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to best access repetitive motion in a web application. I'm also be super curious if anyone had automated testing around it in their QA departments, but would be just giddy if I had a better way to access it initially.

Thanks very much,


Becky Reed
IxD, Healthwise

21 Aug 2008 - 10:00am
Oleh Kovalchuke

Legal advice on use of free web based tools?

The copyright restrictions do not permit use of images downloaded from the
web in company applications (this is understandable).
I wonder, if the same restrictions should apply to custom images created
with free web based tools.

The case:

I have made Ajaxie progress indicator at this website:
http://www.ajaxload.info/ (recommended, took me 1 min, many customization
Since it is a custom image, which I have made with custom colors, can I use
it in a corporate application?

Does the same rule apply, to text files created with Google Docs?
Does i

21 Aug 2008 - 9:51am
8 years ago
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Kevin Doyle

Recent research on the ROI of usability

Hey IxDAers,

I've been tasked with listing potential problems that a client might have
and their solutions. Basically, I'm to find the ROI of usability as it
applies to our clients complaints. We specialize mainly on intranet web
applications and we're looking to expand our services a bit -- usability
assessments, interaction redesigns, etc.

As I'm working on gathering ROI research, I'm turning up some decent
research, but most of it is dated from the late 80s to the early 00s. The
most recent document I've found is from 2007, which is fine, but it's the
only recent article I've found.

21 Aug 2008 - 9:32am
7 years ago
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Shaun Bergmann

Off Topic: 37signals

Just wondering if anybody happens to know the basis to the naming of
I'm reading "The Tipping Point" at the moment, and came across a description
of an experiement that happened during the 1984 presidential election.


21 Aug 2008 - 8:16am
Meredith Noble

[EVENT] IxDA Toronto Meeting: Tuesday August 26, 7pm

Announcing the August IxDA Toronto event!

Four IxDA Toronto members will each be presenting on a topic.

20 Aug 2008 - 6:53pm
8 years ago
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Boston IxDA

[event] Boston IxDA invites you to a UI prototyping workshop using jQuery

Boston IxDA invites you to a UI prototyping workshop using jQuery with its
creator John Resig on the 11th of September at the MIT Media Lab.

What is jQuery?
Its a javascript library that enables designers & developers to easily build
or reuse some of the most common interaction patterns found on the web

For some examples of the power of jQuery, see; http://ui.jquery.com/demos

Why might jQuery be of interest/use to a designer?
While we wait for Adobe Thermo et al to usher in the golden age of WYSIWYG
'prototype' to 'shipping code' workfl

20 Aug 2008 - 6:30pm
Matt Theakston

JOB: Interaction Designer : Chicago + San Jose : Visde : Full Time

Hello All -

We are currently looking to expand our team, both in Chicago and San Jose:

*Interaction Designer*

Visde seeks an Interaction Designer who has the ability to quickly grasp and
distill highly complex matters into clean
understandable solutions.

The Interaction designer will be responsible for researching, designing and
prototyping user experiences, creating design mockups, wireframes, flows and
writing documentation required for proper implementation.


- A passion for good design and incorporating innovative technologies.
- Relentless attention to detail and th

20 Aug 2008 - 3:42pm
Erin St. Pierre

Job: Interactive Designer - Redmond, WA - Erin St. Pierre (RECRUITER) - Full time - Contract, 6months

Got a Crush on Gadgets?

Yes, you love your iPhone, but does your true passion extend farther
than that? We are seeking a highly creative designer to implement
his/her skills to our exciting "gadget" team in Redmond.

20 Aug 2008 - 10:44am
7 years ago
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Duncan Brown

Anyone tried balsamiq?

Hey anyone tried this?


I have been using Illustrator for wireframes, but my company uses Confluence and Balsamiq plugs in to this.

I have always steered away from any 'templated' solutions preferring to roll my own

I will start an eval.