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10 Nov 2008 - 1:08am

JOB: NY, NY, Sr. Information Architect, Makeover Solutions (Contract)

Job Description:
Makeover Solutions, one of the leading consumer beauty Internet sites, is seeking an Information Architect to participate in the re-branding and re-design of our site and online applications. We have a position for a candidate that has experience in content-rich sites and transactional online experiences. The successful candidate will be responsible for re-structuring existing application features and functionality, working with a team on new functionality, innovating web 2.0 interaction design, involved in usability testing and site optimization.

9 Nov 2008 - 9:18pm

gestural input 'hack' with just a webcam!

Sorry if this has been posted already, I've been in a jungle for 2 weeks (o;


Apart from being the solution to smudgy touch interfaces...

9 Nov 2008 - 8:39am
Jarod Tang

what i want from iphone

After using iphone for 2 days, i found I'm tired of it (it's very nice
i borrow instead of buying one first), If Apple come up with new
iphone (nano ? ), i want it have
1. it's ok without touch screen
2. have the classic ipod scroll wheel
3. using the nice keys design similar with what they done on macbook
4. have nice design about phonebook, sms, alarm clock, media player (
as normal ipod ), better camera controller ( current camera
arrangement is a bit crappy )
5. nice ways to extend the application sets, such as mail client,
browser, blahblah..

9 Nov 2008 - 8:19am
7 years ago
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How do i get started?

Hello members,

Basically i am a visual designer working in a small team. We do detailed
prototype design on Inkjet printers using flash. Its basically to give a
complete understanding of the work flow like copy,print,scan etc for user
research and testing. In these recent days, my personal interest lies in
interaction designing and supporting that my boss wants me to take up some
task flows as exercize to start off. But i do not acquire any sort of
training or experience in Interaction design.

9 Nov 2008 - 8:16am

[EVENT] IxDA D.C. Face2Face Nov. 11: "Don't Make Me Drink" w/ Krug&Rosenfeld

[EVENT] IxDA D.C. Face2Face Nov. 11: "Don't Make Me Drink"

With Lou Rosenfeld (Polar Bear book) and Steve Krug (Don't Make Me Think).

IxDA is holding a social Face2Face on November 11, 2008 from 5:30 - 8:00pm

Lou and Steve are coming to D.C. for 2 fantastic workshops on November 11th
and 12th, and while they are here, we are happy to host a Face2Face to get
together, talk User Experience, Interaction Design and Usability. IxDA D.C.
has a full calendar this fall leading all the way up into the New Years so
stop in and get the deal.

9 Nov 2008 - 8:06am
Séamus T. Byrne

IxDA Dublin Meeting: Thursday, November 13th, 6pm

Hi Folks,

Please join us for our second meeting ~

*When: *
Thursday, November 13th 2008. 6pm - 8pm
The Harbourmaster
Customs House Dock,

8 Nov 2008 - 6:36pm

anyone here from Newsweek?

The "Secrets of the 2008 Campaign" is an excellent read, but there's a
really screwy navigation flaw.

When you get done with each chapter (which are divided into "pages" much
longer than my screen), you can't just click "go to next chapter" or
something. You have to remember what chapter you're on (it's not on
screen) then go click on the next "Chapter" tab at the top of the
screen. The current chapter *title* is prominent, but not the

7 Nov 2008 - 9:56pm
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7 Nov 2008 - 5:09pm
Nasir Barday
7 Nov 2008 - 5:05pm
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Ali Naqvi

What to choose? (technical writer or technical tester)

Hello members,
I recently graduated in user centered design and have been to a few job
interviews. It is almost impossible to get a job as a user experience
designer, interaction designer or a usability consultant since many of the
corporations here wants to hire someone with several years of experience.
NOKIA has promised me a job as a User Interface Designer since I wrote my
thesis with them, but that position is still not open.