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7 Nov 2008 - 3:43pm
Becca Lee

Usability certification for Spanish-language RIA


My company is developing an Adobe Air-based e-commerce application, the
client has requested we have a third party evaluate and certify its
usability. I've contacted several experts and companies that provide this
service, but none has been able to help me, since the user interface is in

Can anyone recommend a provider of this service that does have
Spanish-language capabilities? In lieu of that I'd appreciate tips on how
to search for providers- i.e. what keywords to search for (which I'll
translate into Spanish).


7 Nov 2008 - 2:15pm
Joanne Weaver

JOB: NYC: Senior IA for boombastic, largest senior-level jobsite, UX recruiter (JWG)

User Experience Architect / Sr IA - NYC

Did I get you at "boombastic"? :)

"Largest senior-level job site on Earth" headquartered in NYC with
enthusiastic, celebratory and gregarious dotcom-esque culture (kitchen full
of treats, spirited rallies/outings/events, Manifest Destiny +
forward-thinking thought process) seeks a (Sr) User Experience Architect to
join their team immediately. Headquarters in NYC. 2 European offices now
also established, with nearly 300 global employees overall.

7 Nov 2008 - 12:31pm
7 years ago
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Pawson, Mark

Good examples of Help Tooltips

I have been asked to come up with an intuitive help method for tooltips
on a very complex dialog. I immediately thought of a question mark which
the customer clicks on and then drags over the interface, but that idea
has been nixed. Our competitors tend to put question marks next to every
main control which I have argued makes an already complex dialog look
far too busy and also sends a message that says " look out this is

7 Nov 2008 - 11:44am
Pawson, Mark

Recommended books for one person UI teams

I have seen blogs and articles on how to be effective as a one person UI
team; However, I would like a practical reference book in the spirit of
Rapid Contextual Design by K Holztblatt.
Any recommendations? Thanks.


7 Nov 2008 - 11:41am
7 years ago
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John Gibbard

Interesting drag interface

I have no idea what this site is selling/promoting/describing/explaining as
it's in Dutch and more than a little weird but I love the exploratory
interface. Highly playable for a Friday, ultimately pointless but shows me a
new executional approach.


John (baffled)

7 Nov 2008 - 11:30am
7 years ago
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UI Team Marketing

Our UI team is getting ready to start a marketing program. The purpose
is to raise awareness of the existence of the team, educate people as
to what we do, what UI is and some basic information about it. This
will lead up to a training class on UI standards. The plan right now
is a series of posters for the break room shared by the US R&D
department. We are planning on changing them every week or every other
week depending on the topics we have to cover.

Has anyone tried something like this before?

7 Nov 2008 - 10:23am
Beau Gould

[JOB] Head of UX, San Francisco | Relo OK - 140-190k

Job Title: Head of User Experience
Location: San Francisco - Relocation assistance provided
Duration: Full Time/Permanent
Salary: 140-190k

Our client is home to a new type of search that makes it easy to find
subjective information. Starting in early 2008 the company raised seed
financing from a number of premier angel investors and carefully grew a
high-caliber engineering team.

7 Nov 2008 - 9:46am
7 years ago
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Janna DeVylder

Are you going to Interaction09? Let your networks know!

It takes more than amazing content and speakers to make a conference.
It's all of us who gather that take it over the top.

So, in that light, if you are going, start encouraging your friends and
esteemed colleagues to join you!

Here are a couple of easy ways to get the word out:

Let your network know you're attending...share the event!

C'mon, so easy.

7 Nov 2008 - 12:37am
7 years ago
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Yahoo Problem

I fail to use Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Email simultaneously. The problem may due to that I can chat via Yahoo Email as a simplified version of Yahoo Messenger.

The scenario is as below:

I was chatting in Yahoo Messenger, which suddenly gave a reminder that Yahoo Email received a new letter. Then I start Yahoo Email so as to check that new letter. As a result of this behavior, Yahoo Messenger shut down immediately.

6 Nov 2008 - 6:30pm
Nancy Falkenburg

job:: principal mobile design lead/mountain view, california/fte

*corrected typo in subject line*

Contact: me (nancy Falkenburg, nancy_falkenburg at intuit.com
iPhone: 650/336.3645)

JOB LOCATION: Mountain View, California
JOB TITLE: Mobile Design Principal/lead

Intuit is seeking a Mobile Design Leader to help us produce useful and delightful mobile experiences. The hands-on Mobile Design expert is responsible for inspiring and helping guide the company-wide Mobile initiative.