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17 Nov 2008 - 8:13am
umut tasa

[JOB] Wayfinding Designer – Istanbul/TURKEY – Sabiha Gokcen International Airport – Contract

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport / Istanbul

Wayfinding Design Job Advertisement

This job advertisement for design seeks a designer / design company who is capable of designing all wayfinding,

and advertising places for all interior and exterior spaces at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (http://www.sgairport.com/ ), which will have a

capacity of 19 million passengers per year, 220.000 m2 of terminal area, 8 mars passenger bridges capable of

serving 16 planes simultaneously, 135.000 m2 of car park building for 4000 vehicl

17 Nov 2008 - 4:43am
7 years ago
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Maria De Monte

Fan box

Hello folks,

what do you think about this


I'm not in the development team, so my interest is not in selling the site. I just think is a good piece of design and would like to know your opinion about it.


Unisciti alla community di Io fotografo e video, il nuovo corso di fotografia di Gazzetta dello sport:

17 Nov 2008 - 12:42am
7 years ago
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Itamar Medeiros
16 Nov 2008 - 9:45pm
7 years ago
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Dialog Position

Hello everyone :)

I'm working on UI for web application and I need to show several
dialogs, one of them is confirmation of deleting the file.
So I'm wondering -- what is the best position for modal dialog:
A. Center of screen
B. Near control that caused dialog appearance
C. Near mouse cursor position (in most cases it will be equal to B
since there is very little delay between action and showing dialog).

Thank you.

Maxim Soloviev
Director of Product Development

16 Nov 2008 - 2:52pm
7 years ago
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paul turner

Disruptive technology espoused by UX practitioners in these recession times

Are you among the stakeholders who are introducing, via conceptualizing or prototyping, disruptive technologies?

These innovators often come from small companies or independent inventors, who take aim at or create a niche or technology that upset the endeavors of major companies. Examples include container ships and advanced search technologies. Disrupters can also come from brave employees of major companies.

It's less about the patent than the concept and harness.

Best regards,

Paul Turner

16 Nov 2008 - 8:50am
7 years ago
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Michael Stiso

perceived problems with personas

Hi, all. I was inspired to post this question by the very interesting
ACD/UCD discussion, during which the personas concept has frequently been
mentioned. I've always been a little uncertain of personas, but many people
seem to love them, and so I'm wondering if I'm missing or misunderstanding

Below are my three main problems with the concept. I'm hoping some of you
might be able to tell me whether (and how) I'm on- or off-base with them.

1) *Frankenstein.* As I understand it, the better persona practitioners will
base their constructions on real-world data.

15 Nov 2008 - 3:04pm
Nasir Barday

Call for Volunteers: Drupal People

Hi There,

The IxDA is working on a project, the Board blog, so we can get the word out
about what we're up to. We're running the blog on Drupal, and we need help
creating a theme that can make it match the ixda.org site more closely.
There are other side projects in the works based on this platform, and if
you (or someone you love) is a Drupal afficionado, we'd love to get you on
board to help us start tweaking and building! People outside of the UX
community are also welcome.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

Nasir Barday
Director of Geekery
Interaction Design Association

15 Nov 2008 - 2:29pm
Michael Grillhösl

UX Conference 2008 in Amsterdam


does anybody of you participate in the UX Conference 2008 in Amsterdam?
I'm quite new to professional UX, iA & IxD, thus I would appriciate to
meet some IxDA-Members there.


15 Nov 2008 - 12:48pm
Chicago IxDA4

[EVENT] Recap: Chicago IxDA November Event - Social to Mobile

Here's a recap of this week's IxDA Chicago event, "Social to Mobile!" We had
a great turnout and a lively conversation, facilitated by Mike Wood of

15 Nov 2008 - 11:02am
James Page

Theory Where that ACD thing fits


I agree in what you are saying.

Where we are now is very dangerous. The practice that we are is not a
pure aesthetic discipline (and there is loads of theory there anyway but it
matters less), but one that is making a claim that by using it it will lead
to more usable software, or a better experience of using machines.

That would put it in the realm of Scientific method. Are we a pseudo science
or real science?