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5 Feb 2009 - 11:42am
janna fiester

JOB: Senior Web Designer; Chicago, IL; (Permanent)

Senior Web Designer

We are looking for an extraordinary full-time Senior Web Designer to join
our team.

5 Feb 2009 - 10:17am
7 years ago
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Jakub Linowski

Social design: Nuanced/specific user feedback ?

Uservoice.com has an interesting system where the users have a maximum
of 10 votes which they can constantly can reallocate where they wish.
Each feature however can have 3 maximum votes per user. Taken
together, this allows the most favourite features to trickle up.

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Posted from the new ixda.org

5 Feb 2009 - 9:43am
7 years ago
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Virtual Smart Agents increase conversions?

This came up this morning while chatting with a content manager friend
of mine. She's installing one of those "virtual smart agent"
things on her customer's web site.

It's one of those little in-page chat windows that pops up and asks
if you'd like to talk to an agent and get help.

She says they "increase conversions 10%".

I think they're one of the more annoying, and misused bits of fluff
to appear in the past few years.

5 Feb 2009 - 3:45am
7 years ago
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Steve Baty

UX Book Club - an update

Back around Thanksgiving I floated the idea (here and elsewhere) of forming
a book club in Sydney to meet and discuss books about user experience
(broadly speaking). The idea resonated with a lot of other people and very
quickly UX Book Clubs were being formed around the world, thanks in no small
part to the efforts of people like Andrew Boyd and Will Evans.

4 Feb 2009 - 5:12pm

[local][EVENT] IxDA Berlin Feb. Meeting // Topic: Service Design

IxDA Berlin 1st Meeting in 2009:

When: 7pm - 9pm Wednesday, Feb 11th, 2009
Where: newthinking store GmbH, Tucholskystr. 48, 10117 Berlin

After having talked a lot about how the interaction desig process is
roled out in different institutions we'll have Liat Rogel this time to
talk about the increaslingly important topic of service design.

Liat has graduated from Politecnico di Milano with an M.A in service
design and an B.A in industrial design and is co-founder of the service
design company seeds design.

4 Feb 2009 - 5:11pm
Stephan von Muehlen

JOB: Lead Interaction Designer, Brooklyn, NY, full-time

Company: EnergyHub
Job Title: Lead Interaction Designer
Location: Brooklyn, NY

EnergyHub is a venture-backed startup developing consumer electronics
that reduce home energy consumption and save consumers money.

4 Feb 2009 - 5:07pm
Steve Baty

ANNOUNCE: UX Australia 2009

We're very excited to announce UX Australia 2009 - Australia's new user
experience design conference, which will include a day of pre-conference
workshops and two days of conference presentations.

The conference will be held in Canberra (Australia) from 26-28 August at
Hotel Realm.

A call for proposals will open on 16 Feb 2009.

Keep up to date by:
- Check out the website: http://uxaustralia.com.au/
- Following us on twitter: uxaustralia
- Subscribe to the fortnightly newsletter (with conference news, ux
articles, jobs & events):

4 Feb 2009 - 4:59pm
7 years ago
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CRM system for a UX team?

Thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier question. Here's another one.

Has anyone had experience with using a CRM system (preferably a free
or low-cost one) to manage customer/user contacts within a UX team?

My team currently uses an Excel spreadsheet stored in a shared
repository. Keeping it up to date is a painful experience. I'm
thinking that there must be a better way.



4 Feb 2009 - 1:58pm
Gloria Petron

Question about streamlining Axure prototypes, Feb 3

Thank you Kim, and to everyone else who has responded.
I regenerated the prototype into a new folder, which caused it to lose 20lbs

Best regards,

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 1:03 PM, Kim Mc <kimmc_68 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> If you remove all of the unused pages or layers from your prototype, then
> save it with a different name in a different folder, it will save only the
> files that are in the current prototype.

4 Feb 2009 - 1:43pm
7 years ago
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Evan K. Stone

iPhone Custom Application Standards andemulators for testing - reference

> Can anyone point to iPhone custom application design standards. And
> the emulators available for testing the application in our local

It depends what you want to do.