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24 Feb 2009 - 7:57pm
Ryan Lum

(Job) UX / Interactive Designer * Seattle * Contract * Recruiter

Downtown Beautiful Seattle, ONSITE

In general the design work for a UX designer at this client spans the entire gamut of product design.
Starting in the market and user research, software product concepts; functionality and Creative problem solving.

24 Feb 2009 - 6:23pm
7 years ago
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sharon greenfield

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute phasing out online HCI program

Why is noone interested in this program?
There are only two online HCI programs to my knowledge - Rensselaer's
and Brigham Young University.
RPI's name has cachet and prestige. I know some nuclear engineers who
graduated from RPI - smart school for smart people.

I think they are phasing the online HCI program out because they
didn't have enough applicants.
Does no one have an interest in working while getting a degree remotely?

Just checking the temperature here...

24 Feb 2009 - 6:15pm
Ryan Lum

(JOB) *UX developer / Web designer*Contract* Greensboro, NC *Recruiter

6 - 12+ Month Contract
Greensboro, NC
Local Candidates Only Please

Thais Project will be creating a new UI for the web based application to improve the use of an existing application.

This resource will need to be able to quickly come in and review the existing application, the data that has already been gathered from the users and work with the team to understand existing and new requirements.

Ideal candidate will be tasked to design an overall new common look and feel for the application.

This includes design of the common area for all screens, a network element specific panel and functi

24 Feb 2009 - 3:56pm
7 years ago
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Visual Importance of Page Titles

Title! Title! Just as you said, title is what users are looking for to
ensure them they're in the right place. If users don't immediately see
the expected title when they click from some similarly labeled call to
action, uncertainty sets in. Did I click the right link? Am I in the
right place? Important elements that provide users with a sense of place
and ensure them that they're not lost (and that the company is taking
care of them, at least while they're on the site) should always take
precedence over marketing banners for the best user experience.

24 Feb 2009 - 3:26pm
Jen Sudduth

JOB - User Interaction Designer - Philadelphia area, will relocate

Our firm is conducting a search for a FT User Interaction Designer, that
can help drive the design process for exciting new products and features
on our client's site further developing web strategies and leading the
value initiatives of user-centered design.

* This is a public company, 700MM+ in revenue, and the 14th
largest internet retailer in the US, so they are big enough to have the
best tools available for you to utilize, but small enough to where you
are not 10 levels deep.

24 Feb 2009 - 3:19pm
Eirik Midttun

Qt Designer vs other mock-up tools


Just to follow the trend of mock-up tools thread, here is another
one. A bit more technical perhaps.

I have used Qt Designer a bit, which is the GUI design tool for the
Qt framework. I have also looked some other mock-up tools. I haven't
looked hard yet, but I don't see much difference in how you work. You
made need less technical competence for other tools, but you pay for
it in that the work can't be used directly.

Anyone who have use Qt Designer and some other mock-up tool. I'm
really curious about additional benefits.

24 Feb 2009 - 2:37pm
7 years ago
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James Page

Checkout process


In my experience it really depends on the product, the price, and
the audience. One thing that I do know is cutting the number of clicks in
every case I have experienced increases the conversation rate. Why do you
have Personal Details and Address Details pages?

Use a method like GOMS to look at how you can reduce the clicks.

24 Feb 2009 - 2:15pm
Angel Anderson

[EVENT] Interaction %u201909 recap presented by IxDA Los Angeles, RAPP, and Artisan Creative, Wednesday February 25th, 7-9pm

REMINDER: Tomorrow night at RAPP, IxDA Los Angeles is recapping the
speakers and workshops from Interaction '09. A few more spaces have
been added, but please make sure your RSVP is up-to-date. If you can
no longer make it, change your RSVP to "No" so that folks on the
wait-list can attend.

24 Feb 2009 - 1:48pm
7 years ago
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Shaun Bergmann

Pecha Kucha event info

here's what I've come up with.


*Finally, Pecha Kucha Vancouver has announced their next event!

24 Feb 2009 - 1:34pm
7 years ago
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Balsamiq Mockups

Hi Mary,

Haven¹t used it too much, just played around. Like the Œsketchy¹ feel, but
there are some limitations. The developer is very open to improvements and
Nice to be able to rough something out quickly and share, but paper, OneNote
or GUUI¹s Œsketch stencil¹ may be an alternative. Has lots of promise
though. Just need more time to work with it.

Another interesting app is called Pencil, V 1.0, by Doung Thanh An, a
Vietnamese developer ­ not as Œsketchy¹ but quick and flexible-Window XP