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7 Apr 2009 - 3:24pm
7 years ago
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Guiding successful product development

Hi all,

I am looking for examples of brand/product/company guidelines or
principles that are/were truly useful to guide and direct
product/service development (not just advertising and marketing messages).

I asked this on the IA Institute members list and got a few:

* Luke W on Microsoft's use of design principles:

* Google UX principles

* Sony's design philosophy

7 Apr 2009 - 12:50pm
Svetlana Yost

Job Posting: Prototyper / Web Developer (Contract) - Walmart.com - Brisbane, CA

Walmart.com is looking for an innovative, experienced, collaborative
Prototyper / Web Developer to join the User Experience group. This
person will have a solid understanding of current web technologies,
and a passion for creating great customer experiences.

7 Apr 2009 - 12:22pm
7 years ago
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Elena Melendy

[EVENT] NYC UPA Tue 4/27 6pm Ben Shneiderman on Social Media

Understanding Social Media, Accelerating Social Participation

an evening with Ben Shneiderman

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
6:00-8:00 p.m.
277 Park Ave between 47th & 48th

Go to http://nycupa.org for more details, or to register.

Non-members will be asked to create a username and password as a part
of the ticket purchase process. Annual members must log in to access
member pricing.


What motivates technology-mediated social participation?

7 Apr 2009 - 11:20am
Yu Zhang

Project Link Update

Hi all. Thank you for participating my project! Due to the limitation
of the websort.net, I have to start a new account for more
participants now, and here is the new link:
http://websort.net/s/0D2F00/ . I do appreciate your help in my
project. Thanks so much!!! (Thank you Prathibha !!)

For people who didn't have my former email, I will post my content
again here.

Hi everyone, I am Yu Zhang, a MS candidate of information
architecture in IIT.

7 Apr 2009 - 7:28am
jim muntone

JOB, Web Designer, Princeton, NJ, Dow Jones, Fulltime

Dow Jones is seeking a skilled Web/Interface Designer to collaborate
with team members to conceptualize and construct cohesive and
aesthetically pleasing user interface solutions. This designer will be
responsible for working closely with product managers, other designers,
and engineers to design the information flow and fit and finish for the
user experience. The ideal candidate will possess a high level of
creativity, a strong understanding or background in interface design,
and will work proactively to stay knowledgeable of current
implementation technologies and best practice solutions.

7 Apr 2009 - 6:57am
Lee McIvor

London UX meetup tomorrow night

Hi guys,

For those who aren't aware, there's an informal meetup in London tomorrow night of UX people. Feel free to come along and meet your peers for beers.... :)


Lee McIvor


7 Apr 2009 - 6:13am
7 years ago
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Dave Malouf

IAS09 IxD09 = RedUX DC

Angel, I was seriously considering doing something like this w/ my
students from SCAD.

-- dave

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7 Apr 2009 - 4:24am
7 years ago
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John Gibbard

Augmented Reality: Follow-Up

So, there was recently a discussion on the list about augmented reality [1].
During this discussion I mentioned that I was working on a new piece of AR,
it's released today [2] and I hope you will agree it pushes the envelope of
interactivity a bit more and - particularly - it actually has a relevance to
the brand activity.

It does rely on an awkward standalone app. download which we all really
tried to avoid. Please do take a look if you're at all interested in the use
of AR.

7 Apr 2009 - 1:38am
7 years ago
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Harikrishna VP

Product entering Middle East market

Hi All,

Can you please share articles/informations regarding things to be taken
care, when your software product, enters Middle East market.

Harikrishna VP


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6 Apr 2009 - 10:20pm
7 years ago
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Yu Zhang

Need participants for running my Master degree project!

Hi everyone, I am Yu Zhang, a MS candidate of information architecture
in IIT. Now I am doing my Master's project which has an experiment of
card sorting, so I want to invite all of you to be my participants.
Now I am going to give you an introduction about this experiment:

1. Now we are just in the initial stage of designing a website which
is for COM525 Usability Testing and Research, in order to make it as
easy to use as possible, I would like to get some input from the
people who will be using it.