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6 Apr 2009 - 8:48am
lorelei brown

IA/UX class in DC - starts April 14

Hey everyone - this is a great class for new and experienced UX professionals. It's been around for years, and the instructor is highly recommended.
Contact thom at thomhaller.com for any questions or details.
Thom Haller's Information Architecture Course
The 10-week class at the USDAGraduateSchoolstarts on Tuesday, April 21.
It's an in-depth introduction to IA and the user experience that's tailored to the specific needs and interests of the class.

6 Apr 2009 - 7:36am
7 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

Google Android

Are there user experience design guidelines for Android application? I was looking on the android developer site and didn't find any.


6 Apr 2009 - 5:20am
7 years ago
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Rajesh Ghodke

PSD/PNG to ARGB (4444)- BMP format

Dear all,

Has anybody worked on converting assets (building blocks)which are 24bit PNG
BMP (ARGB - 4444)format where in image data stores/(keep intact) alpha


Extracting BMP (ARGB - 4-444) from PSD files?
PSD's allow to extract XRGB (1-555)or RGB (565) or XRGB (4-444)
but it seems it needs some change in settings to manage ARGB (4-444)

Can anyone throw some light...

Thanking in advance
Rajesh Ghodke

6 Apr 2009 - 1:25am
7 years ago
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Michelle Duve

[JOBS] Come live and work in sunny Sydney, Australia! Senior User Experience Designer wanted.

[JOBS] Come live and work in sunny Sydney, Australia! Senior User
Experience Designer wanted.

Not only is Sydney famous for its world class beaches, relaxed lifestyle
and outstanding multicultural restaurant scene, it is also one of the
most economically resilient, politically stable and globally competitive
business locations in the world.

Different Solutions has attracted senior consultants from around the
world adding specialists with skills not found locally. We are now
looking for a Senior User Experience Designer to join our team and grow
with our company.

6 Apr 2009 - 1:21am

Local group at Moscow, Russia

we are going to start organizing a local group at Moscow, Russia and
I want to find an IxDA members there who are interested in this
group. We are planning to find some interesting things and share them
on a on- (or off-) line meetings.

And, of course, if you want to help me with this - you are welcome


Sergey Kudryashov

5 Apr 2009 - 11:42pm
7 years ago
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Steve Baty

[EVENT]: Reminder - UX Book Club Sydney - Tuesday 7th April, 6pm

The next UX Book Club Sydney event will take place this Tuesday 7th April
from 6pm.

Book: Designing for the Social Web, Joshua Porter
When: 6:00p for 6:30p start - 8:00pm
Where: News Digital Media, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney

Hope to see you there

Steve 'Doc' Baty | Principal | Meld Consulting | P: +61 417 061 292 | E:
stevebaty at meld.com.au | Twitter: docbaty | Skype: steve_baty | LinkedIn:

Blog: http://meld.com.au/blog

5 Apr 2009 - 11:23pm
Jack L. Moffett

[Event] Recap: IxDA Pittsburgh April Event at the ETC

On Wednesday, April 1st, IxDA Pittsburgh was hosted by CMU's
Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). Betsy McIver, a second year
masters student, met us in the lobby and introduced us to Quasi, a
conversational robot who tried to convince us that he was a little
boy. Quasi was the result of a student project that has since spun off
as the company Interbots ( http://www.interbots.com/ ).

4 Apr 2009 - 4:01am

interactive exhibition

Hello ixDA members

I am currently researching the idea of merging interactive technology within
interior design elements in exhibition spaces,

I would like to know your point of view by filling out this quick survey for
my MA interior design project.


The survey will only take you five minutes to complete.

Many thanks

Nehal Almerbati
MA Interior Design
University for the Creative Arts

3 Apr 2009 - 7:10pm
Billie Mandel

JOB: Mobile Visual Designer, Paris Area/Manchester Area/Bay Area, Contract or Perm negotiable

Myriad’s User Experience team is looking for a passionate and talented
Visual Designer. The Visual Designer’s role is to 1) work with the
team to define the visuals for Myriad’s cutting edge mobile software
products, 2) be able to conceptualize and communicate cutting edge
animation/motion for our products, and 3) produce high fidelity
prototypes to convey user experience, visual design and
animation/motion of product to product management and engineering.

3 Apr 2009 - 7:08pm
Billie Mandel

JOB: Mobile Interaction Designer, Paris Area/Manchester Area (Bay Area possible), Contract or Perm negotiable

Myriad is looking for a passionate and talented interaction designer
to work on the user experience for our mobile software product
portfolio. As a team member, you will work with product management
and engineering to define the next generation of products for Myriad.
The User Experience Designer’s role is to research user’s goals and
tasks, and then conceptualize and define a coherent mobile user
experience that is easy to use, compelling, cool and innovative.