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17 Jun 2009 - 11:03am

examples of practical research Ph.D programmes

The Media Arts and Sciences program at the MIT Media Lab is where I
got my MS and PhD degrees. The program is highly oriented toward
synthetic (making) rather than analytic (theorizing) degrees. More or
less, if you can't demo it you can't graduate with it.

I'm pretty sure few people would regard what the Lab does as
"practical," though. The practical side-effects are really

Hope that helps,

17 Jun 2009 - 8:02am
7 years ago
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Adam Lerner

User experience blogs / journals with an emphasis on non-web applications?

Can anyone recommend blogs or journals that provide insight into
current trends or usability studies regarding non-web applications?

Most of what I see lately is very e-commerce & RIA-centered and,
while I do my best to incorporate some of the best elements of RIA
interaction design into my client-server app UIs (while respecting
the conventions of the host OS) I would love to know what other
people are doing and learning.


17 Jun 2009 - 7:43am
7 years ago
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Jose E.

Need for a new metaphor on Operating Systems?

Hi IxDAers,

I just posted a blog post on my 'obsession theme': the need of a
metaphor/paradigm change on current Operating Systems.

The blog post is over here
and I'll like to discuss about this idea.

So my opinion is that the current "application centered" OSs are
not suiting anymore the needs for connectivity, real-time and
socialization we have now days. A change is needed.

What you think? Happy with your current OS?

17 Jun 2009 - 5:53am
7 years ago
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Emely Serruys

Radio buttons - null option


I am wondering if it is (already?) acceptable to omit the explicit
null option in a radio button control?
I have used radiobuttons for a non-required control. To apply the
null option the user would have to 'unselect' the one selected
radio button (this to save place by not adding a fourth radio button
or to not have to use a drop down control).
I suppose it is kind of an unusual behavior but it seems to me that
is is learnable, and I have seen it in product design. Has this kind
of behavior been introduced in forms before?

Thanks for your opinions,

16 Jun 2009 - 9:41pm
7 years ago
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Shuan Lo

Looking for great concept videos


I'm exploring the use of concept videos in communicating product and
user experience concepts to executives and product stakeholders.

There was this series of concept video that I saw somewhere on the
Internet about a year or two before. Unfortunately, I can't quite
remember the details of it.

There were about five short video clips. Each clip narrated a usage
scenario. They featured real actors but with their face masked by a
white oval. The product concept was related to smart homes and green

If you know what I'm talking about, please let me know.

16 Jun 2009 - 9:02pm
Jarod Tang

cite, MySpace Executes 30% Staff Reduction Today


as we know, there was a myspace enduring effort on ( redesign, ... ), it
seems facebook win the last year ( and this year ), quite interesting to
reflect ( especially at the facebook's user's strongly against its last

What's the cause of this phenomenon from design's perspective?

-- Jarod


16 Jun 2009 - 5:51pm
Rochelle Rubin

Information Architect - Freelance (possibly leading to a staff position)- Onsite in NYC

My client, a leading interactive design agency, is looking for a
Freelance Information Architect for a 6 month assignment (possibly
leading to a staff position).

* Are a creative thinker who is looking for something new?
* Have extensive agency experience working with large and complex
client organizations.
* Have a portfolio of successful interactive engagements. * Want to
be involved in your projects from start to finish.
* Absolute detail freak!
* Have learned to control your fits of Visio-rage!

16 Jun 2009 - 5:00pm
7 years ago
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Ellen Beldner

Research: Usability of rate / review forms?

Hi all --
Can anyone point me to research about the design of "Rate this service /
Rate this product" types of systems or forms?

Searching for the keywords is proving to be impossibly broad since the terms
aren't very specific, and I'm not sure how to best narrow down the search.

I'm just trying to get a baseline understanding of how well different
approaches work best; should free-text responses be at the beginning or the
end of the form vs. objective ones; etc.


16 Jun 2009 - 4:30pm

Reminder: Silicon Valley IxDA Event :: Practicing Innovation Through Innovation Workshops :: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 :: at Yahoo!

Please join us Wednesday at this Silicon Valley IxDA event! Jim
Nieters of Yahoo! will speak about "Practicing Innovation Through
Innovation Workshops."

When: Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Socializing: 7:00-7:30 pm

Program: 7:30-9:30 pm

Where: Yahoo! Sunnyvale Campus

Building C, Classroom 5
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Practicing Innovation Through Innovation Workshops
Jim Nieters

As user experience (UX) researchers and designers, we want to design
products that change the world—to engage in strategic design.

16 Jun 2009 - 3:11pm
Jeanne Turner

IxDA Portland F2F: June 16th

We are meeting this month on Tuesday, June 16th, from 6pm - 9pm at
Mint/820, 820 North Russell Street. This is a casual, non-sponsored
social meet up.

Check out the event listing on Upcoming
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