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12 Jun 2009 - 5:44am
Brian Kerr

Examples wanted of designs that prompt Nostalgia

I'm writing a short article on the emotion of Nostalgia within
software or web design.

12 Jun 2009 - 4:35am
Gregor Kiddie

Best practices for Country location andlanguages on Global Websites (was Language Picker)

" ONLY using IP is dangerous."

Was the point I was (badly) making.

No matter how many times I tell "the internet" that I'm not in France it
still gives me French pages!

/stupid user

I agree that doing as much for the user as possible is the best
technique, but it is important to realise the edge cases involved.
Frequent travellers, corporate firewalls, immigrants less accustomed to
their adopted tongue. The edge cases start mounting up.

Company's sites do not exist in a vacuum.

12 Jun 2009 - 3:59am
Antoine Jdeidani

Local events in Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam and London during July?

Hi All,

I will be backpacking through western Europe during July and would
love to make connections with fellow interaction designers along the

I will be in Milano july 2nd-5th
Barcelona July 12th-15th
Amsterdam July 17th-20th
and London July 20th-23th

I like to know if there are any local events during these dates in
your respective cities or if anyone from those areas would like to
meet up for a cup of tea.

Feel free to contact me by email

Kind Regads,
Antoine Jdeidani

12 Jun 2009 - 2:15am
Remko Vermeulen

Barcelona / Vienna IxDA local groups?

Hi Leonardo,

Justed started up teh Barcelona group and unfortunately there are no meetings scheduled yet.


11 Jun 2009 - 7:23pm
Ryan Lum

(JOB) WEB Development Project Manager* Recruiter* Contract* Onsite* Federal Way, WA

6 Month Project in Federal Way, WA

Local Candidates preferred

-staffing for web projects, how to gather input / feedback on a public facing web page, and the design process for web pages, the Mgr would expect a web dev PM to bring in Information Architects, User Researchers and Visual Designers, for example, during those phases or to handle those tasks.

Notes from Hiring Manager

"Apologies for my limited bandwidth - while I try to catch up, here's an answer to the question: what do I expect the successful candidate to do?
The short answer: manage multiple projects, some simultaneously

11 Jun 2009 - 6:40pm
R Sengers

Enhancements management tool for applications

I'm looking for recommendations for a secure, web-based tool to help manage
updates/enhancements to an application.

We already have something we use for development, and it works well when
you're actually building something, but less optimal when you are planning
for releases down the road.

Some features I would like:
- Can quickly enter in & organize the enhancements (maybe even an online
- Parent/child relationships (2-3 layers of grouping)
- Tagging
- Color coding or other visual to indicate how far along the UI
specs/requirements are (not started, in progress, complete,

11 Jun 2009 - 6:03pm
7 years ago
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Chris Heckler

Nested Table Alternatives?

Does anyone have any good examples of alternatives to nested tables or
decent implementations of nested tables?

My problem table is made of rows of thingies and there are 3-4
property columns for the thingies. Now each thingy has multiple
widgets with 3 or 4 properties that can be added to the thingy. All
of the cells are editable because the user builds the table by adding
a thingy and then its associated widgets.

Currently we have a solution that involves the thingy row being
exandable/collapsible to show the widget table.

Any more elegant ideas?

11 Jun 2009 - 3:24pm

[Event Reminder] IxDA NYC June 18 - Design Strategy: Building Concentric Circles of Connection: Deadline Tues, June 16th

RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/nyc-ixda-june

RSVP will be closed on Wed, June 17th

IxDA NYC invites you to our June 2009 event:
Design Strategy: Building Concentric Circles of Connection A
discussion and working session with ROGER MADER and JAKE SAMUELSON

Please join us for the following discussion and working session to
apply a tiered strategy to your interaction design challenges in a
variety of applications. Noble Desktop will be raffling off a free,
3-day computer graphics training class!

11 Jun 2009 - 2:59pm
Brent Rogers

1.Job: Interaction Design 2.Job title: Senior User Experience Designer 3.Location: Santa Clara, California 4.Company: CISCO recruiter 5. Fulltime

Senior User Experience Designer (Interaction Design)

Santa Clara, California

WebEx is looking for a Senior User Experience Designer to work with the
WebEx User Experience Team to design next-generation, web, mobile and
rich client applications.

11 Jun 2009 - 1:22pm
Kerry Sedran

[JOB] UX/UI Designer, Calgary AB, Fotolio, Full-time

Fotolia, an international provider of affordable stock currently has an
opening for a UX/UI Designer to join their Canadian division in Calgary

Fotolia.com is has a database of over five million images and over one
million international members. With web sites in 10 languages, Fotolia,
LLC is based in New York and has offices in 11 countries.

This candidate’s primary responsibilities would be to analyse the current
site to improve design, UX and flow. As well as to propose, execute, and
implement new pages on an ongoing basis.