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25 Jun 2009 - 11:15am
7 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

End of Day 4, now onto bonus Day 5!

The response has been overwhelming. People are actually *asking* that we
extend the fundraiser so we can get IxDA even closer to the goal amount and
to give people more time to support.

We have decided to extend the formal fundraiser ONE MORE DAY. In one hour,
we will be starting our 5th day of fundraising. After that, we will keep the
links up for contributions, so we welcome them, as you are able.

To kick-start our bonus day, I'm also happy to announce that we will be
drawing for another IxD'10 conference registration winner for Day 5 as well!

This day needs to be different.

25 Jun 2009 - 10:16am
Erin Myers

JOB: UX Lead Position, Washington, DC, Threespot Media, Full-time

Job Description

Threespot User Experience Leads are responsible for defining successful high-level strategies, as well as tactical solutions, for client projects including multimedia, print, social media strategies, web sites, web-based applications, and technology solutions.

UX Leads gather, define, and clarify clients' business objectives, brand, and audiences, and translate this understanding into documentation that defines the "big idea" and guiding creative vision that will shape the entire project.

Because our process at Threespot is fundamentally collaborative, UX Leads mus

25 Jun 2009 - 8:50am
7 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

Raise $500 and Rosenfeld Media will match

With little over three hours left to our official fundraiser, we have a
challenge from a good friend of IxDA, Lou Rosenfeld from Rosenfeld Media.
*Rosenfeld Media publishes short, practical, and useful books and webinars
on user experience design. Their products explain the design and research
methods that web professionals need to make informed design decisions.*

If we can raise $500 in the next three hours, Rosenfeld Media will also
donate $500!

Right now, we are at $12,037.

25 Jun 2009 - 8:44am

UI Design Pattern for, or a an example of, very large content text heavy websites

Hi everyone,
I am working for a consortium based institute that supports clinical
research in the area. We currently have a very text-heavy site with a
lot of content. I am looking into remodeling the website and am
wondering if we have any UI design patters for handling/showing
text-heavy content in a effective/easy/searchable manner ?
Also, are there any examples of sites that do this really well?

Thanks for your help.

25 Jun 2009 - 6:28am
7 years ago
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Nasir Barday

Day 4: Get a little back

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on a PBS Pledge Drive on TV,
with all those phones ringing around you? I kind of feel like I'm there, but
the ringing phones are all iPhones ...

_- Late-Breaking Giveaway -_
Anyway, we have a late-breaking giveaway for people who give to IxDA in
these FINAL HOURS of our fundraiser. ArtinSoft has offered 2 licenses of
their featured product, Aggiorno, which promises to make you an xHTML and
CSS Kung Fu master (see http://aggiorno.com). This tool would normally set
you back $400 USD.

24 Jun 2009 - 8:22pm
Jeremy Yuille

sustaining IxDA

hi all,I wanted to post here about why I'm giving to this fundraiser, and
why I think it'll help our organization in the medium and long term.

For many reasons, IxDA membership growth has gone ballistic over the last
couple of years! Our numbers are steadily growing, and our visions of what
these numbers enable are not staying still either. We can do a great deal of
good for members and the wider community, but we need to make sure that our
activities are sustainable:

One aspect of this is allowing the global community to prosper when local
communities do.

24 Jun 2009 - 7:43pm
IxDA Board of D...

Announcing the winner of Day 3

I am happy to announce that out of 68 contributors, Aaron Houssain is the
winner of the complimentary pass to interaction'10 (

Will you be a part of the Day 4 pool of contributors?

24 Jun 2009 - 6:50pm
Janna DeVylder

Each one...REACH one?

We're in the final stretch for the "Give a Little Back" support drive.
We're now at $11,052 from 542 contributors.

To all of the contributors, I challenge you:

Can you each encourage at least ONE person who hasn't contributed to
contribute? If we could each get one person to contribute, we could get
much, much closer to our goal.


Who else do you know that benefits and appreciates IxDA but hasn't had the
chance to? Now's the time!


24 Jun 2009 - 5:13pm
Brent Rogers

Job: Interaction Designer, Cisco/Flip Video Group, San Francisco, Full Time

Interaction Designer needed for Flip Video group - this position will open in the near future - contact Brent at breroger at cisco.com if interested.

San Francisco, CA

Job Description
This position is in Cisco’s Consumer Business Group (CBG), formerly
known as Linksys. It's an exciting time to work at Cisco. Every day
we connect people to the network and make it come to life. The Cisco
Consumer Business Group sells home networking and networked
entertainment products and services under the Cisco, Linksys, Linksys
by Cisco, Flip Video and Network Magic family names.

24 Jun 2009 - 3:12pm
7 years ago
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Sarah Kampman

Color/contrast differentiation

Is there a standard or recommendation for minimum color contrast in a
software UI?

I will be using a white background for editable data and a light gray
background for read-only data. The text in both cases is black and is
quite readable.