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21 Jul 2009 - 5:26pm
Jeanne Turner

[Event] IxDA Portland: Meetup/Workshop

Wednesday July 22, 2009 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Join us for a low-key workshop. We will start with a brainstorming
exercise followed by work in small groups on design ideation and
solution sketches. At the end, the small groups will present their
ideas and sketches back to the larger group.

About Us
107 SE Washington St. Suite 520
Portland, Oregon 97214
*Use the north entrance on Washington Street

pdx-local at ixda dot org

21 Jul 2009 - 4:51pm
7 years ago
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Who uses Icon View with a file browser?

Personally, I use icon view as a quick & dirty image preview. In the Mac OS
finder, command-1, -2, -3, and -4 map to icon, list, column and coverflow
views—once your fingers learn the quick switch, there's no One Best View,
you just use whatever's most suited to a given task. Icon view is useful for
hetrogenous selections, as well as being the default view of the
desktop; I think it would be weird to dispense with it.

21 Jul 2009 - 3:42pm
Rochelle Rubin

Job: eCommerce Strategist - Longterm Freelance- Onsite in NYC!

We're actively seeking a Lead eCommerce Strategist for a major
publishing company in NYC. She/He will develop the overall company
brand and drive traffic and revenue growth by building a long-term
strategic plan across all divisions. The Strategist should also be an
expert in search, online marketing, user experience, branding/design,
and web development.

21 Jul 2009 - 3:40pm
Rochelle Rubin

Job: Information Architect - Freelance - Onsite in NYC

We are actively looking for an Information Architect with extensive
ecommerce experience for a major publishing company in NYC. The ideal
candidate should be able to create wireframes, sitemaps, and prototypes
for complex and heavy content websites. She/He should have 4-7+ years
of hands on experience working with large scale web-based applications
at a reputable digital ad agency or in-house company with a strong

This is an ongoing freelance position.

21 Jul 2009 - 2:47pm
5 years ago
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Christopher Rider

"His/Her" vs. "Their" in website copy


I'm working on a website targeted primarily at women. In several places we
need to ask for information about the user's significant other. 80%+ of our
visitors are straight women, but we do get the occasional man (gay or
straight) or gay woman.
The team is debating which pronoun to use in field labels - e.g. "Their
Birthday" or "His/Her Birthday".

21 Jul 2009 - 11:05am
Lindsey Berdan

Seattle Event this Wednesday: IDSA + IxDA = Whole Product Design

July 22nd frog design hosts the local Interaction Design Association
and the Northwest Chapter of Industrial Designers Society of America
to talk about holistic design practices. Presenters from Artefact,
Fluke, frog, Hornall Anderson and Microsoft will tell the story of
the products jointly designed by User Interaction Designers and
Industrial Designers.

Location: frog design at 5th and Pine in Seattle - 413 Pine Street,
Seattle, WA 98101

Doors open at 6:30. Presentation starts at 7:00.

21 Jul 2009 - 10:30am
7 years ago
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Seeking for Recommendations on Mobile UI Design Companies

I've become interested in the field of mobile UI design. And I would
love to contribute my research expertise and knowledge there. Could
anyone recommend companies who have been doing Mobile UI work in the
States? Thanks!

21 Jul 2009 - 7:18am
Chauncey Wilson

[JOB]: Senior User Interaction Designer @ Autodesk (Manchester, NH or Waltham, MA)

Please send questions or resumes to our HR contact at the end of this
job description. Thanks, Chauncey

Autodesk AEC User Experience - Senior Interaction Designer

Your Role
Do you thrive in a fast-paced, high-energy environment? Are you a
creative problem solver who enjoys collaborating with motivated
individuals from diverse backgrounds?

21 Jul 2009 - 5:32am
Harry Brignull

[event] UX Brighton August Triple Bill: Designing for Persuasion, International Research, and Eye Tracking!

Hiya IxDA peeps,

On the off-chance that any of you are in Brighton (UK) on August 11th - the
next UX Brighton event will located in the lovely iCrossing offices, and
there will be free drinks provided by Madgex.

21 Jul 2009 - 5:29am
7 years ago
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City experience

Has anyone provided UX / usability services to a city or local council,

- Road / sidewalk design and maintenance
- Road signs - locations, standards, maintenance
- Navigation signs - to local sites, main roads, points of interest
- Traffic calming
- Pedestrian crossings
- Shared spaces
- and in general, how to make cities more walkable, safe, and a great
place to live.

I'd like to hear your experiences, war stories, and how you convinced the
city that they needed you (or did they "get it" from the start?)


Rob Epst