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12 Aug 2009 - 8:43pm
7 years ago
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Sean Scott

Screen Resolution Sources

Hi All. Currently looking for good sources on screen resolutions in
the Us if at all possible. Trying to take a wider look than just on
the client site.

Links I've garnered from past discussions include:

Wondering if there are anymore out there people would recommend.

Sean Scott

12 Aug 2009 - 8:14pm

[JOB] Interaction Design Lecturer, Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, Full-time

Greetings, everyone. The School of Interactive & Digital Media at Nanyang
Polytechnic, Singapore, is looking out for full-time Interaction Design
Lecturers. We run a full-time, 3-year diploma program in Interaction
Design. Please review the specs as follows.

Successful candidates can look forward to playing a design-focused role in
a range of Digital Interactive Media topics that include the understanding
of interaction in a digital context, human-centric design, user research
and sociable digital media.

12 Aug 2009 - 4:58pm
7 years ago
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Elana Glazer

Video Consumption - the good and the bad

The amount of video popping up online is growing exponentially every
day. However, there are downsides to video. If you are in a loud
environment, video is nearly impossible to enjoy... If you are in a
quite environment without a headset, watching a video is nearly
impossible... And while you can skim a paragraph of text or quickly
click through an online photo album, video consumes your time in
real-time, second for second.


Does anyone have research and/or thoughts on video consumption- the
good and the bad. Esp the bad, and ways to make it better.

12 Aug 2009 - 2:20pm

Statistics about user drop offs when faced with unencrypted site message from the browser

Has anyone come across statistics or observations in user studies about how
people react to the Security Warning message (The information you have
entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be
read by a third party.)

I have a client whose site elicits this message when people are answering
quiz questions. They do not consider the tombstone information (name,
address, email etc...) to be the kind of information that requires
encryption. Financial information, passwords etc...

12 Aug 2009 - 7:45am
7 years ago
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Ali Naqvi

Which Job Category is Interaction Design part of?

hello members,
I have a problem when I am looking at immigration websites and job
providing websites such as monster.ca

Under the section Job Category one will find IT, Architecture,
Internet and New Media, Engineering, Research and Development etc.
and NONE of these have Interaction Designer, Usability Specialist,
User Experience Designer or other User Centered Design related
position listed.

What to do? Do you guys have any suggestions?

12 Aug 2009 - 5:34am
7 years ago
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Jonas Söderström


What seems to be a common aspect of much new technology:





Jonas Söderström
senior information architect

For the lesson lies in learning and by teaching I'll be taught
for there's nothing hidden anywhere, it's all there to be sought
- Keith Reid

12 Aug 2009 - 3:34am
7 years ago
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Birmingham IxDA local group: First meeting

The first meeting for interaction designers in the Midlands, UK will
be held on Thursday 20th August at The Old Contemptibles
from 7pm. All welcome for this first informal meet up to find out
what members wish to get out of this collective and what direction we
wish to take it in.

I hope to see you there.


12 Aug 2009 - 12:12am
7 years ago
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Eric Reiss

Just Because You Can Innovate Doesn't Mean You Should

I'm tuning in a bit late here, so forgive me if someone also has made my

A couple of things about innovation. First, unlike invention, innovation
is planned and never happens by accident. This is an absolutely critical
distinction. Second, it always solves a problem; if it doesn't solve a
problem, it will invariably create one.

So, a new idea is not necessarily innovative. But as Jason points out,
it may have the potential for innovation if handled correctly.

11 Aug 2009 - 9:58pm
San Francisco IxDA

[Event] IxDA-SF and Microsoft co-present Sketchflow on Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our friends at Microsoft have a new product designed specifically for
interaction designers and IAs. It's called Sketchflow (part of the Blend 3
product), and it enables the sort of rapid and robust prototyping that is a
key part of what many of us do on a daily basis.

11 Aug 2009 - 9:11pm
IxDA Board of D...

Reminder: IxDA needs your input and feedback this week

On Friday the IxDA Board of Directors will be gathering in San Francisco for
our annual retreat through Sunday, and we will be meeting with the local
IxDA group on Saturday evening. We will be coming from Australia, Brazil,
and every time zone in the US. In preparation, we'd like to gather any
feedback, comments, questions, and ideas you may have for us. Your
thoughts could have great impact on our agenda.