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29 Sep 2009 - 9:59am
6 years ago
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Wizard/Form Design Inspiration

Hi all,

Can anyone think of any online or offline apps or websites that have
a well-designed "wizard" or customization widget/feature that helps
you customize and produce big blocks of text? Like write a letter, or
customize a product, or create a product...What I'm working on is
text-based, but I'd love to see any examples, text or photo or
whatever, anyone's got!

Basically, I'm looking for examples that take in *many*
inputs/fields and display *many* options/returns in a fun, clear, and
easy-to-understand way.

29 Sep 2009 - 9:02am
Srinivas Annam

Regarding User Experience Architect profile

Hello IxDers,

I am following this mailing list for more than a year now and I truly
appreciate the quality of discussions happening here. I get to learn a lot
from this mailing list and the views expressed by people on various topics
in this list are top quality.

29 Sep 2009 - 3:56am
6 years ago
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William Hudson

Is there a good reason to require people to idtheir credit card?

There are many sources for credit card prefixes (as well as check digit
algorithms) for validating credit cards. For example,

I think as long as users are clear what cards you accept there is no
need to ask. For me, it is almost always Amex that I have trouble with,
so I check that Amex is listed before I get too far. I have never known
a 'grown-up' MasterCard or Visa not to work.

29 Sep 2009 - 3:56am
6 years ago
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Vicky Teinaki

What Other Fields Could UXers "Steal" From?

Hi all,

(Shameless plug maybe, but I'd love to tap into the collective IXDA
intelligence ....)
I recently wrote a post about other fields UXers could 'steal' from

I've love other people's insight into other fields and texts that UXers
would do well to be aware of. (For example, I know that there is some pretty
cool stuff in performing arts like labannotation, but didn't have enough
information to put it in).

29 Sep 2009 - 1:24am
6 years ago
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jax wechsler

pattern suggestions for personalisation


Does anyone know of any sites that allows for the personalisation of
information and does it well?

Within a site I am wire-framing, users can select from 8 categories that
relate to them and a panel will then tailor content and display it in a
panel separate from the main content on the site.

Any suggestions?



28 Sep 2009 - 11:04pm

IxDA New York Fall Workshop, Sat. Oct. 17

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28 Sep 2009 - 10:12pm
6 years ago
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Camtasia Sync and your favorite UE software

This group has had great feedback in the past, here are today's

I'm using Camtasia, captured audio/video of user testing on my PC
laptop. In reviewing the files, I see that they are all out of sync -
the audio seems to be ahead of the video. Has anyone had this issue?
Is there a way to avoid it or fix it?

Also, then, what is your favorite UE software for UI testing? I've
had reasonable luck with Morae in the past, but wondered what others
use and like.

Thanks for your input!

28 Sep 2009 - 9:46pm
Los Angeles IxDA

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28 Sep 2009 - 8:40pm
6 years ago
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R Sengers

Examples of filtered lists with dropdowns

Does anyone have good examples of lists w/ filter dropdowns, where the
dropdowns show the number of items available for each select option? ...With
a good solution for how to handle these numbers once the user starts making
selections in other dropdowns.

I'm especially interested in lists that do not redraw instantly, because
that option isn't available to us right now because of technical
limitations. Instead, the user would need to click on an update button to
redraw the list.

(We're using dropdowns because we have very limited real estate available on
the page.)


28 Sep 2009 - 5:56pm
Karen Pascoe

JOB: FT User Experience Design, JPMorgan, New York City

User Experience Leads/User Experience Designers/Interaction Designers
Full-time, New York City
JPMorgan Chase – Worldwide Securities Services, Client Access

The user experience team is growing again as we continue to deliver a
broad range of improvements to customer facing technology projects
within the wholesale banking division of JPMorgan Chase.

We are dedicated to best practices in user-centered design as seek to
revamp the way our global client base interacts with us online.