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21 Sep 2009 - 11:46am
6 years ago
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Adrian Howard

Forms: Validating the basics - can and should it be done?

Hi Jennifer,

On 21 Sep 2009, at 09:01, jennifer wrote:

> I've been asked several times by the owners of our lead database,
> which is generated by any/all forms we have on our site, to increase
> validation of the fields of any/all forms to ensure - or "force" to
> use their term - the user to input valid data.
> (In this way, they get a "clean" db, is really the gist.)
> Our fields include:
> First name
> Last name
> Title
> Company name
> Email

21 Sep 2009 - 10:50am
6 years ago
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Meredith Noble

Trees & Mixed Value Selections

Hi all,

Has anyone tested "mixed values" in trees in webapps lately? We
discussed this four years ago
(http://www.ixda.org/discuss.php?post=7380) and I'm wondering if
anything has changed.

- A tree with selectable nodes (e.g.

21 Sep 2009 - 9:29am
6 years ago
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Thomas Petersen

Subject: What are your principles for making digital products/services

"Don Norman is dead wrong about this: "that something emotionally
appealing can basically make up for its lack of usability"

I don't think he is wrong, but rather we need to expand the scope of
our thinking about interfaces.

Take for teddybear robot or the Aibo.

They might not be usable, you might not control them 100% and they
might do stuff you didn't ask them to. But any kid will get an
affinity with this robot.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

21 Sep 2009 - 8:52am
6 years ago
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IxDA Mentorship Program - We Need Mentors!


The IxDA Mentorship program needs your help. We have 150 mentees, but
only 53 mentors. Can you donate some of your time to helping others
learn about the IxDA profession and grow as designers?

Visit http://www.ixda.org/mentor.php to sign up, and we'll do our
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21 Sep 2009 - 2:45am
6 years ago
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Eric Reiss

Subject: What are your principles for making digital products/services


Don Norman is dead wrong about this: "that something emotionally
appealing can basically make up for its lack of usability". I may love a
beautiful object, but I didn't buy Philip Starck's lemon squeezer for
its aesthetic appeal; I was hoping to squeeze lemons. (This is the
piece-of-crap kitchen utensil illustrated on the cover of Don's
Emotional Design book).

There's a definition of kitsch that states that anything that purports
to be one thing, but actually does something else is kitsch. A pepper
mill in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, for example.

20 Sep 2009 - 9:19pm
6 years ago
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Interaction'09 Conference Proceedings

I know we are an un-organization but I wanted to see if the conference
proceedings are published anywhere. Mostly looking for the 2009 ones from
Vancouver. Could not find anything at http://interaction09.ixda.org . Let
me know if you know. Thanks!

19 Sep 2009 - 2:17am
6 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Signing out

Alrighty folks, for some this is probably good news; for others,
you'll have to wait until I get my new blog up and running to hear me
rant about all things design related in the tech sector.

I'm signing off the list.

Why? I've decided to take a position at Yahoo! to help in the design
of their applications with a heavy focus on next generation products
and emerging markets. I'm leaving Involution Studios in the hands of
my more than capable business partner of five years, Dirk Knemeyer.

18 Sep 2009 - 4:14pm
6 years ago
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The appropriateness of Wizards (not the magical kind)


I'm developing a UI for a tool we have. I've built a wireframe version that
is kind of dynamic, where you drag and drop things into a central area where
you are configuring something. When you have your configuration built, you
send it off, you can even schedule it or save it for later.

This is part of an existing piece of software. Currently they do some other
things that are similar using wizards. They want to do this in a wizard as

18 Sep 2009 - 1:31pm
Josh Hale

[JOB] Interaction Designer @ BuyerZone.com Waltham MA, FT

BuyerZone is expanding its UX team. Please email jobs at buyerzone.com
or ping me directly if you are interested.

Interaction Designer - BuyerZone, Inc.


• Lead efforts to better understand how to make our customers happy.

You should know how to run an effective usability test, interview
customers about their pain points and design a survey that helps a
company better understand its customers.

18 Sep 2009 - 12:27pm
6 years ago
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Pietro Desiato

Examples of inline validation

Hi all,

I was wondering if you have food example of forms with both inline
and onSubmit validation i.e. a form that validates the fields onBlur
and gives you a feedback when you click continue...