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4 Oct 2009 - 4:52am
6 years ago
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Eric Reiss

Agreeing to disagree

Dear Don,

Sorry to have pissed you off in my message to this list of September 21.
Here, I said:

"Dave- Don Norman is dead wrong about this: "that something emotionally
appealing can basically make up for its lack of usability". I may love a
beautiful object, but I didn't buy Philippe Starck's lemon squeezer for
its aesthetic appeal; I was hoping to squeeze lemons. (This is the
piece-of-crap kitchen utensil illustrated on the cover of Don's
Emotional Design book)."


You then responded:

"Sigh. Eric, you are wrong about Don Norman.

3 Oct 2009 - 7:33pm
6 years ago
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Book: Thoughts on Interaction Design


Just wanted to let ya'all know that my book, Thoughts on Interaction
Design, has been re-released through Morgan Kaufmann and is available
on Amazon.com at
- I hope you find it useful and relevant!

The table of contents includes:


In Chapter One (Multiple Roots, and an Uncertain Future), the
historic roots of this field are described, and the relationship
between engineering and business is explored.

2 Oct 2009 - 3:59pm
6 years ago
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[EVENT] National Design Week in NYC is October 18-24, Objectified Film screenings & The Biz of Design w/ Bill Moggridge (FREE), who's in?

Just received this in email newsletter and it looks quite interesting.
I'd like to rally up some IxDA'ers to go not necessarily as an
official meeting but to represent and possibly chat afterwards.

October 20, 2009, 8:30 – 10:00am


Business leaders discuss how design impacts their overall strategy
and affects their bottom line. Moderated by Daniel H.

2 Oct 2009 - 2:20pm
6 years ago
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Jackie Wu

Shopping! Any recommendation on shopping / shopping cart experience? How about when you are buying a virtual goods? Game item?

I was working on shopping cart experience... from shopping to pay to
buy... I was browsing on the web. I noticed there is a subtle
difference between virtual goods and physical goods (other than
shipping and handling)... And, when I go into gaming environment,
its' different again... it seems like escaping the traditional cart
experience and go straight to confirmation!

what do you think? what have you seen? are there good experience you
would recommend?

2 Oct 2009 - 1:40pm

Invitations to our new survey product

Hi All,

I am happy to introduce our new offering - Insightify. It's a new
age survey product and we are bringing it out as an invitation only
beta right now.

2 Oct 2009 - 12:47pm

[EVENT] Agile Experience Design Meetup NYC: Improving Drupal Usability with Buzzr

Hi Everyone,

We've got a great event lined up for our next Agile Experience Design
Meetup on Wed. Oct. 14. Ed Sussman, CEO of Buzzr, and Karen McGrane,
co-founder and partner at Bond Art & Science, will talk about their
collaboration on the Buzzr project and improving Drupal usability.

Event Details at http://is.gd/3SIIw

Space is limited, so if you'd like to attend, pls RSVP soon.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Meetup!

Agile Experience Design Meetup Organizer

2 Oct 2009 - 12:22pm
6 years ago
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Interactive web charting tools?

Hi All,

Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before - I've
been searching for a canned toolkit or a complete package that I can
recommend to our development for building an interactive web graph.
The interaction would be specific to a zoom feature, allowing a user
to increase or decrease the span of time and thus the data within the

2 Oct 2009 - 11:23am
Alla Zollers

[Event] Agile East 2009 Conference

Interested in Agile? Want to hear Martin Fowler speak?

Join me at the end of October for Agile East 2009, where a variety of
speakers will fill you with insights on agile.

What: Agile East 2009 Conference
October 29 - Philadelphia
October 30 - New York

Website: http://connect.thoughtworks.com/agileeast/

2 Oct 2009 - 10:48am
6 years ago
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Brian Mila

Defining a UX vision

Does anyone have any samples of a good UX vision statement? Everyone
talks about how important it is to have a good UX vision, but I
can't find anything that defines exactly what a "good UX vision"
is. I've been trying to develop one from scratch and I'm not sure
how it should be structured or what it should contain. Should it
contain specifics like "we need a dedicated UX group in our company
that all our design teams can use"? I don't want it to be
product-centered, because we build a whole range of applications.

2 Oct 2009 - 9:55am
6 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Leaving Las Vegas...I mean the website site.

> [...] and I have learned that when you have a link that is
> internal you have that link open within the same window. On the other
> hand, I was taught that any link that you have that is a reference to
> an external website you should have the link open in an external
> window or tab if the user has that set up.

This practice has been debated for years. There are pros and cons to either
solution, and like every "rule", there are exceptions even if the practice
works well for you. The context, as usual, matters most.