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27 Jan 2010 - 3:55am
6 years ago
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Astley Le Jasper

Building experience through reverse engineering

I'm pretty green in interface design. I've read quite a lot but
often sit down to start a design and have a complete block. I realise
that there are a lot design patterns on the web, but it can be
difficult to really get a deep appreciation of them.

I'd like to build up some experience. Of course, the best way is to
'just do something'. However, students and newbies, such as myself,
perhaps don't have any real projects or sometimes long gap between

I was thinking about reverse engineering a couple of sites.

27 Jan 2010 - 1:26am
6 years ago
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Help some design students in the Bay Area with field research


I am teaching an interaction design class at Stanford and as part of the
class I am helping students set up sites for field research for their

We are still looking for people to interview who fall into the categories
listed below and I was wondering if any of you on this list might be
interested in volunteering yourself as a subject. Normally I don't solicit
subjects off this list for my projects but in this case, I thought I would
see if anyone was interested in volunteering to talk to students because I
think it's sort of fun to be interviewed by fledgling designers.

27 Jan 2010 - 1:07am
6 years ago
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Omar Sosa Tzec

Interaction Design Concept Mockups on video - which software tools?


I'm teaching HCI Design at undergraduate level, and I want my
students share their DIx concepts on video. Unfortunately I'm not
specialist in video-making tools. Therefore, I was wondering if you
can give me some advise about the basic software tools and some
tutorials about the process.

Thank you.
Omar Sosa Tzec.

26 Jan 2010 - 8:59pm
6 years ago
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Edo A. Elan

Editing of profile details

One approach to editing profile details (title, status, address,
mission statement, etc.), is to edit them in place, AJAX-style. An
alternative approach is to use a specialized page, tab or pop-up,
with some variation of a "submit" action. I am designing an
interface for a project in a corporate environment, and I find that
as the data gets more complex, it's not easy to choose the correct
approach, or to mix and match. When i look for examples from teams I
follow (Facebook and LinkedIn come to mind) it seems to me they have
similar headaches.

26 Jan 2010 - 4:42pm
Jared M. Spool

[Plug] IxDA Discount to Steve Portigal's Interview Questions Webinar

Hi Everyone,

With the recent discussion of asking customers questions for research
(thanks Melissa Casburn!), I wanted to make sure everyone knew about
our upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar on the subject.

WHAT: Deep Dive Interviewing Secrets: Making Sure You Don't Leave
Key Information Behind
WHO: Steve Portigal
WHEN: Thursday, January 28, 1:30pm ET
WHERE: 90-minute online webinar
COST: $129 per connection (pile everyone into a conference room)
WEB SITE: http://www.uie.com/events/virtual_seminars/questions/


26 Jan 2010 - 4:35pm
Kristina Denis

Job; Jr. Interaction Designer; New York, NY; The Cementbloc; Freelance

The Junior Interaction Designer is responsible for developing digital
user experience for this rapidly expanding, independent consumer
healthcare agency. The ideal candidate will likely have 1-3 years
experience as an information architect, content strategist, and/or
business analyst responsible for functional specifications. In addition
to helping to integrate the digital competency into the agency's core
service model, the Interaction Designer serves as a partner for the
Account and Creative team, assuming responsibility for digital solutions
for integrated client programs.

26 Jan 2010 - 3:35pm
6 years ago
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Usability List on Twitter

FYI...I've adding usability/ux/captology/accessibility folks to my Twitter
UX/Usability list as I find them -

If you are not on it and would like to be, I am at
http://twitter.com/kim_cre8pc or please see my email addy below.

26 Jan 2010 - 12:08pm
6 years ago
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Shaun Bergmann

IxDA Local group Twitter accounts ( Board Retreat discussion)

As it seems that most of the local groups also have a twitter account, I'd
be nice to see a link to those twitter accounts for follow under the
www.ixda.org's /local section.

26 Jan 2010 - 6:45am
6 years ago
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sreeramen ramaswamy

request for pointers to usability opportunities in Germany

hello folks,

How are you doing today? I would like to request your help in pointing
to usability opportunities and companies in Germany. I would like to
live, understand the culture, and work in Germany for a while. Any
leads and pointers welcome.

thank you in advance,

26 Jan 2010 - 4:30am
4 years ago
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Jonas Skoglund

How much of menu levels should you show?

Hi all!
Usually when I designing a web site I always show the full hierarchical structure when someone drilling it self down to a sub page, pretty much like the Windows Explorer tree navigation. Like this for example when a surfer visits the page "Subservice item 1":
1. Home2. Services 2.1 Service Item 1 2.2 Service Item 1 2.2.1 SubService Item 1 2.2.1 SubService Item 1 2.2.1 SubService Item 1 2.3 Service Item 1 2.4 Service Item 13. Products4. About us5. Contact
This approach unfourtnually generates a pretty big menu that is seldom suiteble for horisonatal navigation.