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16 Mar 2010 - 1:06pm
Sara Faatz

An Afternoon Dedicated to Design - March 24

Infragistics is hosting Private Library New York - an afternoon dedicated to Design on Wednesday, March 24 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at The Library Hotel  (299 Madison Avenue at 41st Street, New York).

We will serve lunch, host a panel discussion and a conduct a demonstration of our newest collaboration tool, Quince Pro, in The Writer's Den at The Library Hotel.

Our expert panel will share their experiences and answer questions about creating superior solutions through Design.  Speakers include:

16 Mar 2010 - 11:42am
6 years ago
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Josie Scott

Best Practices for "Was this helpful?"

Many sites that offer help conclude the information with a feedback question such as "Was this helpful?"  This can be a valuable mechanism to tailor online or in product Help better. 

Our team would like your help:  We'd like to hear what everyone does.  What question do you ask with what scale or input?  How well does that work?  What would you change?  What are some best practices for "Was this helpful?" questions.

Josie Scott
TechSmith Corporation User Experience

15 Mar 2010 - 6:46pm
6 years ago
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Aynne Valencia

Great Read: Service Design and The Guardian

The Guardian has an excellent highly digestible wrap-up of Service Design, its brand origins, flavors, case studies and why it is so relevant today. 

15 Mar 2010 - 5:16pm
Kevin Silver

IxDA Meetup at Mix10: Monday 6:30

Hi, If you're attending Mix10 come join us at tonight Monday March 15th at Border Grille in Mandalay Bay at 6:30pm to meet-up with fellow ixder's. Kevin
14 Mar 2010 - 8:50pm
6 years ago
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Ryan Webster

UX 2010 Conferences

If you had just one conference to attend, which of the two would you choose: UX Week San Francisco or UX London?  And why?

This will be my first conference, and both look extremely appealing.  I don't think I can lose either way, but I can only afford to go to one.  I live in California myself and the travel to San Francisco would be minimal, although the experience of a trip to London would be incredible.

What are your thoughts?  Any experience in either conferences of the past?

http://www.uxweek.com/ and http://2010.uxlondon.com/

14 Mar 2010 - 1:23pm
Catriona Macaulay

1 Year Masters in Design Ethnography


Interested in a career in user research, or looking to enhance your design, development or project management/strategic design profile? 

14 Mar 2010 - 12:07pm
Nora Gonzalez

[EVENT] First IxDA Munich Social Event March 25 2010

The time has come for the First IxDA Munich Social Event:

Thursday March 25

Check out all the details @ http://www.ixdamunich.de/2010/03/14/first-ixda-munich-social-event/



12 Mar 2010 - 6:37pm
6 years ago
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Fred Celestino

Visual design association


I would like to ask if anyone could point out a visual design association well organized as IxDA. I am aware of some of them like AIGA, Core 77 and a couple of others, but I feel all of those I know lack the type of resourceful discussion list and engaged community found here.

Needless to say that nothing prevents visual design threads being cast on IxDA as we notice from time to time, but I am after something more specific about that discipline of design.

Thank you.
12 Mar 2010 - 6:03pm
Kyra Edeker

[EVENT] Recap: IxDA Austin // Will Evans & Russ Unger on The Right Way to Wireframe

Many thanks to Will Evans and Russ Unger for last night’s great presentation and conversation on the right way to wireframe.  40+ people attended the two hour event held at Leadership Austin and we saw a lot of new faces.  We were kindly sponsored by projekt202 who provided beer, empanadas and other essentials.  Thanks everyone for coming out and a special thanks to Will who didn’t hesitate to tack on yet one more presentation to his Austin trip.

12 Mar 2010 - 4:35pm
6 years ago
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Web Form Design Patterns: Sign-up and Purchase

I am creating a signup process for a paid-for service and am looking for best practices.  I've found  the following web resources but would like to understand the design patterns in a more structured manner. Can anyone recommend better reference material?