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12 Mar 2010 - 4:13pm
6 years ago
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Kevin Silver

Attending MIX? Should we do an IxDA Meet-Up?

Hello IxDAers,

Who's else is attending MIX next week? Shall we do an IxDA Meet-Up? Let me know.



IxDA Director - Local Groups




12 Mar 2010 - 6:34am
6 years ago
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Cathy Wang

Telecom Self Service (Web & Mobile)

Hi Everyone.

I am doing an impossible research. Currently I am trying to find out how all the different telecom self-service portals work. As it's almost impossible for me to be a customer for all mobile carrier (around the world), I am asking the community to help.

This thread can act as a resrouce gathering for pattern study in telecom self-service. (if we manage to gather enough screenshots) I think this would be benefitial to everyone as this is not just a portal, not just a website, but more of a service design on the web.

11 Mar 2010 - 6:15pm
6 years ago
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Remote usability testing

Does anyone have any suggestions for companies offering remote user testing including in-country recruiting in either Asia (Japan and China) or Europe. We are looking to test a prototype of some new site functionality and need a fast and cheap way to achieve this. Looking for something along the lines of usertesting.com.

11 Mar 2010 - 1:20pm
6 years ago
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Drew Cogswell

Suggestions for Mobile design conference?

Does anyone have good suggestions on conferences focused on design for mobile applications or devices?  It could also be a conference with a mobile track or concentration.  I'm looking for the UX professional perspective, not development. Thanks for any suggestions!

11 Mar 2010 - 9:02am
6 years ago
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Zhang Jieying

Any recommendation for master programs NOT requiring design/computer background?

It's my third year in Business School.  I have no design/ computer background.  However, I want to apply a master program of Interaction Design or User Experience Design.  I just know CMU's Interaction Design does not require design background.  Do you know any other universities have this kind of program?





10 Mar 2010 - 11:41pm
6 years ago
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India HCI 2010 Conference in IIT powai-IDC

For regualr updates regarding india Hci conference,
pls follow : http://twitter.com/Hci2010
Website: http://www.indiahci.in/workshops.html

Pooja Rastogi
Voulnteer- India HCI 2010

10 Mar 2010 - 7:32pm
6 years ago
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Hilary Bienstock

Godigi or other mobile usability testing solutions

Does anyone have any experience with Godigi?  We received a solicitation email from them.


It looks like they sell a camera for doing usability tests on mobile devices -- has anyone used it?  Or any other products or services from them?

10 Mar 2010 - 3:16pm
6 years ago
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[Plug] The Power of Play: Using Fun to Increase Engagement and Drive Viral Distribution - Saturday 03/27 - Campbell, CA

  • Have you ever wondered what makes a game go viral?
  • Which features of your products improve engagement?
  • How would you redesign Pac-Man?

Nicole Lazzaro of XEODesign is guiding a day-long workshop on The Power of Play. She'll walk us through The Four Keys to Fun, lead hands-on exercises in Player Experience Design, and give you an opportunity to work on bringing fun to your own outstanding projects.

10 Mar 2010 - 12:58pm
4 years ago
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Search as Navigation

Does anyone have good examples of sites that use search as the primary mode of navigation? Also, any examples where search is more prominent but a traditional IA still exists?

10 Mar 2010 - 9:58am
6 years ago
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IxD Bibliography - Help!

Hi there,

I was wondering if you have an ultmate list or at least a couple of hints for us to build a very decent IxD bibliography here in the company.

Anything from Books, Docs, White Papers.