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18 Aug 2010 - 8:26pm
Jonas Söderström

"Stupid bloody system!" - new book

(pardon a little x-posting)

18 Aug 2010 - 6:58pm
6 years ago
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Larry Tesler

Re: [IxDA] Mobile app design best practices - iPhone / Droid

A belated response...
Last September, Suzanne Ginsburg (a member of this list) posted 10 usability heuristics for iPhone apps. Price: one click.

18 Aug 2010 - 11:04am
Renee Rosen-Wakeford

Re: [IxDA] iMockups for iPad?

You could say the same thing about Visio vs Omnigraffle. Why is the most popular UX tool, at least in terms of use/installed base, PC only?

17 Aug 2010 - 10:57pm

Seeking immediately an experienced UX designer/lead in Irvine, CA

I am looking for a senior UX professional to be a senior member of the new product development team that will be building a SaaS offering of our current market-leading product. This is a full time position for a fun, energetic team on cutting edge technologies. Salary and benefits are competitive. For more information or to apply, please email al.brown@bms7.com

The info is below.

17 Aug 2010 - 8:05pm
5 years ago
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Visually boring wire frames and charts

I am looking for inspiration to help me break out of my rut of generating wire frames and charts that are functional, but visually boring. Some individuals just have the knack to see and present data that doesn't put you to sleep. Datavisualization Yodas' if you will. Can you recommend some web sites, books or whatever that show examples of information relationships depicted in a visually appealing way. I have completely enjoyed the pattern libraries and I am hoping for the same when it comes to data.


17 Aug 2010 - 2:10pm

Searching for some contacts in Japan

A scholarship program, enables me to live for half a year in Japan. I recently finished my “Digital Media - Interactive Media” -studies and I am now looking for an internship in the field of usability/ conception of interactive media...

Well, this should not be a job ad. Its awesome to have a schoolarship BUT: I need an internship. I tried to contact several companies (with international orientation because I don't speak Japanese) but din't succeed by now. Its very hard to get into touch with those comapnies.

17 Aug 2010 - 11:27am
Scott Noblit

Re: [IxDA] Font sizers

Thanks everyone for the good feedback.

I hadn't considered yet about how users setting their machines a certain way before coming to the site.

Mostly I am working on recipes. I don't think I'm going to remove it for the moment, but it may try moving it.

On 8/17/10 11:16 AM, "Michael Davison" wrote:

> Hi Scott > > I took a visit through /The Guardian, NYTimes, WSJ, Financial Times, and > Washington Post. /Of these sites, none use an on-page text size tool except > for /The Guardian/.

17 Aug 2010 - 10:19am
6 years ago
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Network-of-sites navigation


We run an employment portal that focuses on jobs and career-related content.

As our range of topics expands and new features get added (e.g. training/courses section)
we thought about breaking our website into a few sections (sort of like a network of sites):

 - jobs
 - courses
 - student/graduate
 - expert/niche jobs
 - career development articles

Each section needs to have its own top navigation+submenu (also used for promotional projects).


Usability Courses in Singapore

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16 Aug 2010 - 9:12pm

Re: [IxDA] Interaction Design course at Cooper

I've done the Usability Week courses with NNg and found them amazing.
I would disagree with Hilary in they do run courses and workshop intensives a lot to take in if you are a beginner.
I did do the Usability Week interaction intensive and got so much out of it.My learning took an exponential leap and continues to be a grounding in interaction design principles from Tufte to Deyfuss to Fitz.