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4 Oct 2010 - 11:53am
5 years ago
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Kadri-Ann Valgeväli

Examples of shopping history


My task is to come up with a solution for a supermarket. It wants to have a website where it's customers with customer card can see what they have spent they money on and see the trends of their consumption.
I was wondering if anybody has some good examples of websites that display this kind of information (or something similar). If you have some good exapmles of visualizing the shopping history, I would be pleased to see these as well :)

Thanks in advantage,

4 Oct 2010 - 7:46am
5 years ago
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Darkpatterns.org is now a wiki

Hi Everybody,
You may recently have heard of "Dark Patterns" - user interfaces designed to trick users. The site went kind of viral last week (thanks to all of you who retweeted etc!).
Well, last week I moved http://darkpatterns.org onto a wiki platform, to make it into more of a community-driven project. You're all invited to create an account and start adding / editing content.

3 Oct 2010 - 6:56pm

Re: [IxDA] How else can you say login and register

On 2010-10-03, at 4:46 PM, Ivan Burmistrov wrote:

> "Login" is a /de facto/ standard -- users already perceive it as a "hieroglyph", not an English word -- so using "Log-in" or "Log in" will be definetely confusing to majority of users...

This is an unsubstantiated claim, and even if more apps use "login" than "log in," of which I'm far from convinced, the notion that users would be at a loss when encountering one rather than the other strikes me as silly.

2 Oct 2010 - 10:59am
Alex Steven

Final Year Brief

Hi there,

I am a final year student studying Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University and I have recently been given an open brief by my course tutor. The primary aim of this brief is to develop a concept which has been suggested by a professional body.

For this brief I am interested at looking into creating my own take on a product or service UI, maybe for a product or service that could do with UI being improved.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could give me any concept suggestions.


2 Oct 2010 - 1:26am
5 years ago
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heidi newell

Who Are the Consultancies for Design Project Managers in the Bay Area?

I recently moved to San Francisco from New York with 10 years of experience in project management for interaction / industrial design, and have a Master of Industrial Design from Pratt. I am looking for more experience in design consultancies or client-based design businesses in the Bay Area, but do not really have the lay of the land out here yet. If anyone has suggestions beyond Frog, Smart and IDEO, I would be enormously grateful.
Thanks for all of your recent posts as well.

1 Oct 2010 - 9:14pm

Re: [IxDA] What's best practice regarding style guides/prototypes/HMI guidelines/process for huge systems in huge corporations?

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 9:26 AM, smitty777 wrote:

> I've been in this exact situation before.  It's a pretty involved discussion > for this forum - feel free to ping me if you want to discuss offline.

Uh, "pretty involved"? So?

Other people seem to be interested -- why take this off-list?

Isn't the point of having this list to share across the entire community?

And could this be the only mail I've ever sent with nothing but questions? :-)

-- Hassan Schroeder ------------------------ hassan.schroeder@gmail.com twitter: @hassan

1 Oct 2010 - 4:14pm
5 years ago
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Information display and interaction (UI design)

I'm working on a project, a web app, where its success is driven by how well the information interacts and communicates with the user, which ultimately drives their decision.

The basic idea looks a little like this: the user selects an item and its quantity that affects the price they pay. That is the greater the number they select the better the unit price. To further help explain myself, imagine a user wanting to buy a Rolex watch priced $5K each. If the user bought one they'd pay a fixed price, $5K. However, if the user buys 5 Rolex's the unit price drops incrementally, i.e.

1 Oct 2010 - 2:51pm

JOB: Freelance IxD needed in Chicago next week (10/4 to 10/8)

Hello all -

I'm in need of a freelance IxD for a project that is starting on Monday (10/4). 

Candidate must have strong Visio wireframing skills and be willing to work at least a few days on-site in the Loop.

The project is about 40 hours for next week and possibly another 20 the following week.

If you or someone you know fits the bill, please send resume and work samples to tlevy@banddigital.com along with your expected hourly rate.

Thanks and have a great weekend,



1 Oct 2010 - 1:23pm
Dan Saffer

Device Design Day Videos (Part I)

The first set of videos from Kicker Studio's 2010 Device Design Day are now available for viewing:

Kim Goodwin and Michael Voege, "Convergent Products, Convergent Process" http://vimeo.com/15439453 Interaction designers and industrial designers are kindred spirits in many ways, yet we tend to lean on somewhat different skills, biases, and design approaches. Many teams struggle with these differences, and the results of that struggle are visible in the telephones, remote controls, and even toaster ovens that drive us all a little bit crazy. So how do we get past atoms vs.

1 Oct 2010 - 11:28am
Helen Killingbeck

Re: [IxDA] Tips for Mobile Strategy?

Jakob Nielsens report on the state of mobile sites would be a good start. Helen

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lodar wrote:

>I've been tasked with coming up with a mobile strategy for a large government
>website.  I need to come up with recommendations for a mobile version fo the
>site and possibly ideas for an app or two.  Never done anything with mobile
>before.  Can anyone point me to some good starting points?  Books,
>webinars, articles - anything appreciated! > >(((Please leave all content below this line))) >_____________________________________________________