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2 Jul 2011 - 4:36am

Remote (with SMART Board) vs. Face to Face Design Sessions

I'm working with a team based in another location.  The product owner and I are trying to bring down one of the developers down for a collaborative design session.  We're at an important juncture and really need to hammer out some important design questions.  This developer has a focus on UI development and a rich background in human factors.

In January, I went up for a week to work with him and then then product owner.  We spent most of the week in a conference room with a whiteboard and were extremely productive since we played well off each other.

1 Jul 2011 - 4:22pm
5 years ago
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UX Intensive Heads to Chicago Oct. 24 - 26th

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that registration for UX Intensive Chicago is now open, and IxDA members get a 15% discount. Use code IxDA when you register.



1 Jul 2011 - 4:16pm
5 years ago
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in the mobile design space

back in the day, I remember attending living surfaces conferences and at one, the designer of the very first volkswagen site talked about a review of her work. The reviewer stated that this site broke from the tradition of (early) web work in that there was not a grey background, text was not centered across the entirety of the page, or all in blue.  Her take away, appropriately, was that she was flattered by the comment.

1 Jul 2011 - 9:14am
5 years ago
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Design Thinking Portfolio

I am caught up in the NDA and out dated portolfio dilemma.  I am not able to show my best work or recent work because of non-disclosure agreements or the fact that things have been re-designed or are just not current.

I was wonerding if it would be acceptable to create new deliverables.  I do not have any paid mobile experience, so I wanted to start with that.

Are employer's more interested in the way I think, rather than what I have been paid to do in the past?

1 Jul 2011 - 5:34am
5 years ago
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Ali Naqvi

Diary studies as an indirect obervation


have any of you experience with diary studies? I would like to know whether the users of a fully functional product, are honest and whether they forget/omit information.