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8 Jun 2012 - 8:22am
4 years ago
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We heard about UX, so we decided to hire one

There seems to be a lot of hiring for UX professionals, now, in the New York City area.

I was looking for an opprtunity much closer to home and this company was accomodating, since I do work full-time.  But I was shocked, even though, in the past I had suspected that a few of the companies I had interviewed with had never hired a UX professional before.  That was never really my concern, but this company, did not know very much about user experience.

7 Jun 2012 - 4:04pm
Steve Portigal

Tell us your fieldwork War Story

You may have seen that we started a series devoted to fieldwork War Stories on our blog. As I wrote at the launch of the series, "These experiences – the crazy household, the dog that does his business on your shoes, the GPS failure – are inevitable and are often (at least in hindsight) hilarious. Exchanging these stories is a way of socializing our technique and creating learning opportunities for both tellers and listeners.

6 Jun 2012 - 6:04pm

Examples of engaging privacy policies / terms of engagement

Seen any privacy policies, credit card policies, terms of engagement, service agreements etc that don't just make your eyes glaze over and turn the page?

We're looking for examples (web based or paper based) where people manage to make this legalese heavy, text heavy interaction a positive one, or at least one that people don't just skip over.


William Hudson

Final Reminder - Guerrilla UCD Boot Camp on 6 June at 16:30 London Time

It's not too late to book places on the first in our series of Guerrilla UCD webinars tomorrow at 16:30 London time. Even if you can't attend the live boot camp session, you will be able to download a recording to share with your team by the end of the week. The slides are already available for download – just visit 'My Webinars' once you sign up. And you can add the free one-hour overview session at the same time.