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25 Apr 2004 - 7:45am

Unbidden dialog boxes [Was & also is Access points for context sensitive help]

Hi Alysander

Thanks for your reply. This is an interesting topic--to us anyway. :-) Once
upon a time, long ago, I designed a help authoring and delivery system for
the Mac that I wanted to bring to market. But then I went to work for Apple
where Apple Guide was just starting up and ended up contributing to that
design. Also, I was a tech writer before I became an interaction designer
and authored help systems, among other things.

23 Apr 2004 - 3:34pm
10 years ago
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Convention versus innovation

Consistency is touted as an important principle of UI
design. Arguments are made about focusing on user
needs, and avoiding stringent adherence to external
and internal consistencies. But, nonetheless, taking
advantage of user habits is a good thing for ease of
learning and intuitiveness etc.

What is the criteria for choosing an innovative design
over a conventional one? In addition, how does one go
about convincing non-designer, decision makers
(product managers etc) to take a chance with an
innovative design?

23 Apr 2004 - 2:59pm
10 years ago
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Victor Lombardi

entering password twice

In the case where we are creating a password, we are
often asked to type it twice in case we typed it
incorrectly the first time, since the text field does
not display the characters and we can't visually
confirm what we typed is correct.

I'd like to know if anyone has evidence that shows
this is effective across all users of a system. I'm
skeptical; do 99% of users have to type an extra field
for the 1% who make a mistake and who would otherwise
need to use the recover password function?

22 Apr 2004 - 7:01pm
10 years ago
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Andy Watson

AI and UI design.

Hi folks,

I've recently been taking a look at artificial intelligence as a bit of a
hobby. The area that I am interested in is breaking down the human brain
into a series of basic components that can be modelled as a piece of
discrete hardware (to perform the basic functionality) such as a dsp and a
series of objects (OO software dev. is my background) to perform the
additional intelligence.

I've recently come across the recent discovery of Mirror Neurons that raises
some interesting questions to do with interaction design.

22 Apr 2004 - 2:19pm
Danny Bluestone

The Umbrella, Heller's comments on "A rose


I was wondering how you think the Tech recruitment industry might change? I agree that Interaction is pusing into almost all Web Related disciplines now such as pharma companies, game companies, education, eLearning, the list goes on...

I think its essential that this we agree on a title or even two titles, and then push the discipline to make business leaders, HR managers and CEO's aware of the benefits of Interaction Design (or experience Architects or what you call it) to their business.

22 Apr 2004 - 11:29am
10 years ago
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Dave Collins

research on surveys

Our client wants to place a survey at the end of customers' transactions
(we design ATM software).

This is not a web-based survey, so design is highly limited (basically,
max 4 prefab options), which is already one strike against it.

Can anyone provide wisdom and/or point me at some design principles for

22 Apr 2004 - 10:44am
Dave Malouf

FW: IDML Update: "Language!" (on behalf of CD Evans)

-------- Interaction Design Meeting London 01 ---- Late Event Notes

mrettig at

(Ok, special Thanks to Kevin Cheng for the quotes form Mark and Edgar Aromin
for his linked sketches, both taken on the fly at the meeting.

22 Apr 2004 - 9:51am
Dan Saffer

Human-Centric (was The Umbrella)

On Apr 22, 2004, at 8:49 AM, Dave Collins wrote:
> If we don't only design for humans, who else do we design for? Other
> automated systems and animals are the only examples I can think of. (Or
> are you thinking of meta-entities such as groups of people?)

To say that we are human-centric or user-centric is to say that
individual humans are at the center of everything we design. This is a
good philosophy to have and certainly better than what came before. But
it isn't the only one and it's a little narcissistic :).

22 Apr 2004 - 8:17am
10 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

The Umbrella

Jim Hoekema wrote:
> But if "Usability" is the word that gets us our jobs or gets our work
> noticed, maybe we should promote the term "Usability Design" as distinct
> from Usability Evaluation and Usability Testing. It's a buzzword, but it
> conveys just as much about what we do as any other term -- maybe more,
> it focus on the goal of the activity.

We've already got user-centered design to cover that one.

21 Apr 2004 - 8:28pm
Jim Hoekema

The Umbrella...

> >For me "Interaction Design" is almost there, although "Interactive
> Design"
> >sounds broader to my ears, and more parallel to Graphic Design or
> >Instructional Design or Industrial Design.
> Well...

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