IxDA Cape Town

Message to the group

Join IxDA Cape Town, the first Interaction Design Association Group in South Africa

We are a group of interaction design practitioners and  lecturers  in Cape Town who realize that we need to raise awareness for our profession and the potential value of interaction design for the economic development of our region and South Africa as a whole.

The group leaders are Wayne Coughlan (CPUT), Jörn Messeter (Malmo University, CPUT) and Michael Wolf (Formula D interactive)

As individual members of IxDA we follow the activities of the organisation, yet, we understand that creating a local group will give us better access to the network and resources. Our aim is to create a network node for IxDA (the first one) in Africa, which will allow us to harness and plan local activities and get more visibility internationally. Cape Town has a large multimedia and digital design sector, professionals who design interfaces, but the term 'interaction design' remains largely unknown. We would like to expose the local industry with international best practise and standards, whilst adding our local insights to the global discourse on interaction design.

Last, but not least, we would love to see the IxDA Conference come to Cape Town some day. Besides Design Indaba, we only had DIY (Digital Interactive Systems) in Cape Town in 2008 and we are hungry for international conferences in the field of design, technology and interaction design.

 What is the vision for the group?

The underlying vision is that Cape Town will become an interaction design hub in Africa and the world. The group will become an umbrella and interaction point for local professionals, lecturers and related businesses. The aims of the group will be the creation of networking opportunities for local professionals and linking them to the global IxDA community. We will create a forum for sharing and learning locally and build a portal which becomes visible to the international community. Possible activities will be regular networking events, newsletters and publications, exhibitions and awards.

Please sign up with the group and we will engage you in our future activities.



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