IxDA Hamburg

Message to the group

As part of the global IxDA community, IxDA Hamburg is fostering mutual exchange amongst designers and continuing advancement of the field of interaction design in Hamburg.

With its vibrant UX and design community and many talented professionals and students, Hamburg offers an inspirational environment to exchange thoughts & ideas, share experiences and connect. Close collaboration with local UX groups such as the well established UX Roundtable and the UX bookclub play a big part in broaden the current and building an even more versatile IxDA community in Hamburg.

Please feel welcome to come to or suggest any event or topic and be a part of an inspiring environment while meeting great people.

You can reach us at:

IxDA Hamburg community (launched 05/2010)

IxDA Hamburg and UX Hamburg on Xing
UX Roundtable Hamburg

@IxDAHH on Twitter

We hope to cu soon!

Birgit Geiberger - ixda (a t) birgitg (.) com (IxDA Hamburg Local Leader)
Matthias Mueller-Prove - mprove (a t) acm (.) org (IxDA Hamburg Local Leader)

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