10 Jun 2011 - 3:31pm
5 years ago
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Karen Lindemann

Color and Usability / User Experience


I'm looking for a study or guidelines about how to use color to enhance the usability of a website or an application. For example: Is there a color for the call to action button which is the most recommendable? Is there anything regarding colors would should to avoid? What would you tell somebody who wants to know which influence has color for the usability of a website?

I would very much appreciate your input to these questions.

Thanks and best greetings, Karen

1 Jun 2011 - 11:42am
5 years ago
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Adam Stevenson

Breadcrumb Trail Separator Terminolgoy

In the interest of a controlled vocabulary, what terms have you used, or do you prefer to use for the > that is placed between breadcrumb trail elements?

^ is a caret, but that isn't quite accurate.  "Greater-than sign" just sounds out of place.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


24 May 2011 - 7:00am
Posted in:

Creating a usability database

I'm looking to get the company running usability across many brands and have been thinking how to go about ensuring an ongoing source of testing participants.

Has anyone thought about building a list of people who would be willing to act as testers for some usability? I know that there are commercial lists available, but surely we could generate a more "open source" option.

Let me know your thoughts...

4 May 2011 - 7:01pm
5 years ago
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Microsoft Products - What sucks and what rocks...

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while, but read through posts everyday. That said.

I will have an opportunity to sit with a few of the UX and UI Designers in an interview.
Because some/many/most of you are using Windows and some/many/most of their software I would like to cast a net and see how you all feel about some/many/most of their products.

What bugs you?
What makes no sense?
What really sucks?
What's really good?

This is for any tool in their arcenal !!! Any product !!!

27 Apr 2011 - 12:59pm
David Lafon

Usability resources in London

Can anyone recommend a firm to do usability recruiting and facilitation in London?  Any ideas on what I can reasonably expect to pay?

Thanks in advance


21 Apr 2011 - 9:03pm
5 years ago
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<5 minute student usability survey

Hi all, I am doing some simple research on the interaction of browser interface button frequency and labeling.

19 Apr 2011 - 11:36am
5 years ago
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tracking time on task - web app

I'm working with a team where we want to be able to show improvement, decreased time on task, after we re-design the UI. I want to track time on task for a web based application. Has anyone captured time on task, and possibly click and scroll data from a particular web app? How do you pull the data for that app out of all of the other web related work that person may be doing?


Thanks for your insights,


Usability Talk on April 11th: From Search to Discovery

Cambridge Usability Group is pleased to announce a free talk on April 11th (6.30pm)

Tony Russell-Rose: From Search to Discovery
Search user experience has come a long way from just a simple text input field. Faceted search interfaces have become standard on most e-commerce websites and search results help guide users to related and featured content. But how and why have search interfaces evolved so much in recent years?

20 Mar 2011 - 10:49pm
5 years ago
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C K Vijay Bhaskar

Usability of Usability

Usability is an important aspect to be looked at for making any system achieve its ROI and to give its users an ‘experience’ that will help foster a better culture in the organization. As the ultimate target of any system is to establish change management and to promote organizational innovation via modifying the behaviour or culture of the people in the organization, it becomes imperative that aspects of usability are engrained into the goals and processes of the organization. 

4 Mar 2011 - 5:00pm
5 years ago
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New soft drink user experience

I just came back from lunch at a fast food restaurant where they were heavily promoting how you can over 100 flavors of soft drinks now.  They had 2 brand new Freestyle dispenser machines.  The part I found fascinating: despite a large, interactive touch screen display and a *fairly* siimple task, the restaurant had not one, but two, assistants helping each and every person get a drink. 

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