23 Jan 2012 - 9:08am
Jeff Gothelf

Agile UX NYC 2012 - registration open now!

Hey everone -

Agile UX NYC 2012 takes place on February 25th. It's a one-day, single track conference focused on taking a holistic look at user experience design in agile environments.

If this is something you've struggled to reconcile in your work, this event will help shed light on how to make significant strides towards greater integration, collaboration, productivity and success.

I hope to see you a bunch of you there!



15 Nov 2011 - 11:18am
4 years ago
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Smart Phones used as Computers

Hi all,

I am delighted to have joined this association and hope I can learn from everyone’s experiences and expertise and hopefully one day be able to contribute myself :)

I am currently studying for an MA at the Nottingham Trent University and investigating the use of mobile phones as computers. My research is at an early stage at the moment.

8 Nov 2011 - 8:58am
4 years ago
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Design for Every Screen

I've worked out what I really think about trends like Mobile First, and have made sense of the way I have been working for years. Read up on my user centric approach to finding the right design, and the right channel, input, and interface, for your product.


15 Sep 2011 - 1:40pm
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Jan Jursa

MobX - an invitation to Berlin

Dear IxDA Barcelona,

I want to point your attention to our new conference on Mobile Experience Design & Usability ... called MobX (http://mobxcon.org).

Yeah, I know - Barcelona-Berlin is not exactly around the corner :) But hey: it's still Europe, right? We have invited super interesting speakers from Uganda, Australia, USA ... and they all come to join us in Berlin on Nov 18, 2011 (workshops on Nov 17) for an awesome one day high speed conference.

9 Aug 2011 - 2:55pm
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Erico Fernandes...

Fotos dos cursos IxDA Curitiba em parceria com a Aldeia Coworking


Já realizamos 3 cursos e todos foram sucessos de público e de qualidade dos trabalhos.
Vejam as fotos:

1) Design de Interação para Dispositivos Móveis (1a. Turma)

2) Oficina de Prototipação Eletrônica com Arduino - IxDA 

13 Jul 2011 - 1:20pm
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Derek Vaz

IxD/IA Freelance Opportunity at Uproot

We have an immediate, short-term need for Interaction Design (Information Architecture, UX Strategy) services for work in the amateur and professional sports marketing industry.  Please email your resume/cv and porftolio to work@uprootinc.com (subject: Freelance IA/IxD) if you're interested.



Derek Vaz

Interaction Design Director/Partner

Uproot Inc. http://uprootinc.com/


110 Spadina Ave., Suite 601 Toronto, M5V 2K4

416 479 3592 x302

24 Jun 2011 - 4:53am
4 years ago
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Silvia Di Gianf...

Technical skills of an Interaction Designer

Hi all,
as Interaction Designer I think it's a foundamental matter to have a deep knowledge of  "how it works behind the scenes" what we design for people to use.

The question is: which language (HTML, Java, Javascript, DHTML...) do you think an Interaction Designer should be fluent in and at which level?



12 Jun 2011 - 7:04pm
5 years ago
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Applying IxD in CMU, what kind of portfolio do they expect?

Hi guys,

I'm going to apply for an interaction design graduate program. CMU's IxD is my first choice.

I'm working as a web designer for almost 1 year after my Bachelor's degree in communication arts. I assume programs like this may focus more on your portfolio rather than your score.

Anyone here familiar with CMU's IxD? What kind of portfolio do they expect to see? Does it have to be related to interaction design somehow or just things you have done?

Any suggestion would be great!

I appreciate your help!!

14 May 2011 - 9:08pm
Troy Gardner

Barely Used GuiMags for sale...or maybe Free to a good home.


GuiMags are clever rapid UI wireframe prototype tools, instead of drawing common elements like buttons, you just stick one of these common UI elements like fields, tabs, buttons etc.  Then use the   dry eraseable magnetic surface to give it a label.

Makes the UI much more consistent than handdrawing AND they can be easily moved around.

They are great if you like whiteboard sessions for IxDA, especially in a team.

More Info http://guimags.com/index.php?p=products_guimags_corporate&nav=nav_guimags

8 May 2011 - 5:32am
4 years ago
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Yohan Creemers

Peter Stahl: The Rhythm of Interaction

Peter Stahl is a senior interaction designer at Cisco, where he works on design standards. A longtime denizen of Silicon Valley, he has created user experiences for eBay, America Online, Microsoft, Netscape, Entrust, among others, for applications as diverse as e-commerce, system management, online conferencing, gesture-based pen computing, 3D social environments and desktop productivity.

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