11 Jun 2007 - 10:21am
9 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

ajax or not (for content)?

I realize this has been beaten to death, but I just came off a discussion
where the dev folks implemented ajax for

1. filters, pagination, larger image view, sort, change # of products (like
the ones in http://tinyurl.com/ythdmx)
2. content tabs

They claimed faster page load time as the biggest reason for doing it (and
most other people in the room were sold). I didn't agree and these are the
reasons I gave and they countered each of it:


18 May 2007 - 3:58pm
9 years ago
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Karin Kawamoto

Filtering mechanisms?

I was wondering if people had favorite RIA filtering examples long lists.

In particular, I want some ideas for filtering large lists based on
several attributes where the attributes have different characteristis.

For instance, a filter might include date parameters (which use a
calendar widget), states (in a drop down or some other selection
mechanism), and a status (which could have 5 states).



25 Apr 2007 - 2:05pm
9 years ago
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Marci Ikeler

Examples of RIA interaction design patterns

Hi everyone,

My company focuses on RIA projects, and our design team is interested in
collecting lots of examples of interaction design patterns that leverage
the capabilities of a truly rich application. Of course, we've already
found a lot of great stuff on the web, but I wanted to reach out to this
list to see if you guys could contribute some of your favorites.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

28 Apr 2006 - 2:20pm
10 years ago
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J. van Geel

RIA design model?

Hi everybody,

Currently I'm working on an essay about Rich Internet Applications. In this
essay I'm trying to find and/or create a model for the development of RIA's.
This model should help people along in their thinkpad towards creating RIA's
which are created for users (user centered design) and with all the benefits
a RIA should have (seamless, connected, etc.).

14 Mar 2005 - 1:27pm
11 years ago
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Peter Merholz
22 Feb 2005 - 9:47am
11 years ago
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Welie, Martijn van

ROI research on RIA


I am doing some research RIA applications and one of the aspects that are
often mentioned is the ROI aspect. Macromedia and other pro-RIA 'activists'
claim that when you do RIA instead of HTML sites, the ROI will be higher.

However, I cannot find ANY scientific evidence that supports this
assertion!!!! All documents that I can find make suggestive conclusions in
favour of RIA's and even without comparing the RIA to an alternative.

For example, it is said that when Mini launched their RIA Car Configurator
it boosted their sales so much that their sales targets were exceeded by

19 Aug 2004 - 4:53pm
12 years ago
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Tony Lopez

Are you building RIA's?

I'm in search of individuals and studios that have been designing and/or
building RIA's. I'm particularly interested in speaking to parties who have
been working with Macromedia Flash and Flex.

I'm in the process of building the user experience discipline for Macromedia
Professional Services and I want to establish outsourcing relationships with
top talent. Please contact me directly if you think that you or your company
fits the bill.


Tony Lopez | User Experience | Macromedia Consulting

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