3 Aug 2010 - 9:18am
5 years ago
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Nancy Roberts

Wireframes and prototypes: a waste of time?

I had a disheartening discussion with a programmer at our office yesterday. He felt that we should not "waste our time" with prototypes, or even wireframes! He said that our creative director found the wireframes limiting, and ended up giving back to us exactly the layout that was provided in the wireframes. I explained that the process of wireframing and prototyping helps work out the flow of content, the page requirements, online interactions,  and serves as a guide for design. And I said that many designers I'd worked with had been able to interpret the wireframes just fine.

27 Jul 2010 - 1:41pm
6 years ago
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Annotations template (or UI components) for PowerPoint

I am in need of a template (or stencils) for a project that requires annotations to be done in PowerPoint. I would need UI components that would usually be part of a wireframe set that includes labels and notes.

Does anyone know where I can find one?


12 Jun 2010 - 2:17pm
6 years ago
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Kai En Ong

Pixel perfect wireframes?

What do you think about creating pixel perfect wireframes? Good or evil? (Or it depends ;-)

The websites our team work on have a standard width, grid, interactive elements and some general guidelines for typography. Therefore any designer working on a wireframe could create it to the pixel (we have a fixed layout). 

8 Jun 2010 - 4:45pm
5 years ago
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Jessica Boggs

Wireframes. Creative or technical?

We are having an internal debate at our office.  We are a small interactive agency.  The debate is this: when you don't have a dedicated information architect, who does the wireframes?

10 Mar 2010 - 7:50pm
6 years ago
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Tomas Roggero

Lo que me gusta compartir

Tweets favoritos:

- Diseñadores que la rockearon, creando más de un logo famoso http://bit.ly/cRfOQ6 (via @tomasdev)
Si bien no tiene que ver con diseño de interacción, un logo identifica una marca, y es diseño así que creo que aplica.

- 15 web apps to create mockups & wireframes http://ow.ly/1eBeE (via @tomasdev)
Habla por sí solo, alternativas online para crear prototipos.

Eric Smith

JOB: UI/UX Designer Houston Confidential Contract

This client is willing to cover flight/hotel/expenses for the right
designer who can work onsite in Houston for the next 4 months.
Project is working on internal tools for a large company and requires
someone to have viewable samples of detailed, complex design

Impact is huge due to client's size and you'll really be able to
make an impact in their system design, customer/client experience and

If you're interested, please read details and apply via:

1 Feb 2010 - 10:03pm
6 years ago
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Richard Carson

Sketching before the Wireframes

Hi Folks,

I wanted to ask around on the process of creating wireframes for designing mobile applications. In creating these wireframes, should I work on paper before actually hopping into a drawing program to lay out these wireframes? I believe working on paper is faster and easier before laying out the wireframes for a project. However, the company I am working with, might be wondering if I am wasting my time. That I should be doing wireframes within the drawing program. What are your suggestions and thoughts on this issue?

27 Jan 2010 - 3:55am
6 years ago
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Astley Le Jasper

Building experience through reverse engineering

I'm pretty green in interface design. I've read quite a lot but
often sit down to start a design and have a complete block. I realise
that there are a lot design patterns on the web, but it can be
difficult to really get a deep appreciation of them.

I'd like to build up some experience. Of course, the best way is to
'just do something'. However, students and newbies, such as myself,
perhaps don't have any real projects or sometimes long gap between

I was thinking about reverse engineering a couple of sites.

18 Sep 2009 - 6:33am
7 years ago
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Russell Stout

IA and copy plan templates in Excel

To date we've been creating site plans, wireframes, copy outlines and
functional specs across a range of different document types (word,
Excel, Illustrator, Omnigraffle).

This has generally worked ok over the years, but we're trying to up
our game and rationalise the tools we use - specifically site plans
and copy outlines.

We were thinking that a simple content plan created in Excel listing
section, pages and metadata along with project status is flexible and
team friendly (anyone can update without specific software), but not
particularly client friendly regards an aesthetic site plan.

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