29 Dec 2010 - 6:06pm
5 years ago
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Is the browsers back button our report card showing an F (most cases)?

To put it simply (and a bit overly simplified), if a user clicks on the browsers back button I think the website navigation has suffered a catastrophic failure (in most cases). Why? Apart from user preference/habit (most cases) the user was forced to end their engagement with the website and engage the browser. Is the browsers back button our report card showing an F (most cases)?

16 Jul 2010 - 6:23pm
5 years ago
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Dave Tanchak

Right-hand navigation

Hi all,

We're working on a new site design and some initial user testing has shown that our local navigation is just as effective on the right side of the page as it is on the left. Generally, my experience has been that if it looks like navigation, people usually figure out that that's what it is, so, while I'm feeling like the right-side will work, I'm still hesitant to flout conventions.

I reviewed this thread from a couple of years ago:

13 Jul 2010 - 3:20pm
6 years ago
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Local Navigation Best Practices / Trends

Does anyone know a good resource where I can find information on local navigation best practices / trends? I am primarily looking for navigation information on large scale corporate sites, but any information would be great!


6 Jul 2010 - 1:23pm
6 years ago
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Jennifer Wolfgang
29 Jun 2010 - 1:19pm
6 years ago
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Audience Segmentation Navigation

I know it is a common practice for B2B sites to structure the navigation by audience; however, I think structuring the navigation based on tasks rather than audience type could be a better solution. Would analyzing the tasks for each audience type naturally present a common IA that all audience types could understand? For example, each audience type needs to know the benefits of a product (of course, the benefits for the product differs for each audience type).

16 Mar 2010 - 3:53pm
6 years ago
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Jennifer Wolfgang

"Quick Links" - good use of navigation or cop out?

Hi all,

We have in what I call our "utiity" header navigation ("About," "Sign-in," "Region," etc.) a link + drop-down called Quick Links. This is where we store links to areas of the site that don't get any space on the homepage or in our global navigation, yet are important to us. Personally, I think it's a cop-out, reflecting the poor quality of our information hierarchy + content strategy (that doesn't exist).

10 Mar 2010 - 12:58pm
4 years ago
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Search as Navigation

Does anyone have good examples of sites that use search as the primary mode of navigation? Also, any examples where search is more prominent but a traditional IA still exists?

16 Sep 2009 - 11:01am
Ruairi Doyle

Navigation: flyout menu\'s on online newspaper websites

Hi all.

I am interested in canvasing opinion and feedback on flyout menu’s.

Our organisation includes many online newspaper websites – which is
the domain I focus on here.

Recently, we conducted a competive gap analysis against benchmark
competitors looking at different areas of user experience, content
strategy and obviously information architecture and navigation.

7 Sep 2009 - 10:25pm
6 years ago
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iPhone app interaction related


This is iPhone application related.
Application UI is already done for S60 phones but we are developing
new version for iPhone as well.

There is a screen that displays a list of devices. For every device
in the list the user can perform one of the following
1. browse into the directory of the device
2. see device properties
3. see home page of the device

28 Jul 2009 - 5:25pm
7 years ago
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Gayatri N

Usability of Buttons versus Links for Navigation

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if using buttons or navigational elements that look
like buttons(for e.g BACK link) are intuitive?

Let me give you guys some context here:

I am working on designing a knowledge base interface where a user can
look for articles and click on a particular link to read that article.
In the article page on the top I had a "BACk" link that would take
the user to previous page/results page.

Based on some feedback I changed the "BACK" to look like a button.
I am not sure if buttons should only be used to submit data and not
for navigation?

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