29 Jul 2008 - 2:45pm
4 years ago
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Mike Dunn

Usability testing on the cheap- Silverback, ?

Hey all, I'm doing some research on different tiers of usability testing,
and I love the new Silverback app that Clear Left just put out (
http://www.silverbackapp.com/) as a potential lower-end solution (we already
have partnerships in place for the high-end services). Are there any other
apps like Silverback out there? What do you guys use?

Michael Dunn

13 Jun 2008 - 11:03am
8 years ago
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oliver green

Setting a usability lab on a budget

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please recommend the basics required to set up a usability
lab on a budget? Or the aspects that I should consider to figure out
the equipment that I could possibly need?


26 Feb 2008 - 3:28pm
8 years ago
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Jerome Ryckborst

Usability testing at a user conference

Our Marketing dep't wants me to do "usability testing" at an upcoming user conference -- a gathering of our software users. The conference's purpose: for users to improve their software skills and to learn about upcoming product advancements.

I proposed a card sort, because it's low-tech, relatively quick, and needs little setup. This meets y needs (I have something I need sorted), but does not meet the conference goals; it won't help users improve their skills or learn about upcoming product advancements. So it got lots of thumbs down.

23 May 2007 - 12:17pm
6 years ago
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Mila Songer

creating temporary one-way mirror?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever turned a regular clear glass window into a one-way mirror?

I'm hoping to change a big window between two conference rooms into a
one-way mirror (for use during usability testing). It doesn't have to be
perfect, just mostly functional.

The catch is that I only have approval to do this temporarily.

29 Mar 2007 - 11:16pm
Shima Kazerooni

Recommendation? Eye Tracking Device for Usability Test


We are researching about possibly purchasing eye tracking devices
(hardware and software) for usability tests. Any information about the following (or other
related information) is really appreciated:

- What are some of the companies you might recommend that are
selling these devices?

- What is the average cost?

- How easy or difficult is it to set up and use the device?

Thank you,

Finding fabulous fares is fun.
Let Yahoo!

4 Dec 2006 - 7:02am
9 years ago
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Anu Leponiemi

Testing usability of mobile applications


I'm planning on usability-testing a S40 application, and would like
to hear about the ways you tend to test usability of mobile
applications. Paper prototype is always an option, however, is that
all you do, or do you test with real devices? If so, do you capture
the input some ways, possibly with a software or a camera, or do you
just watch the user use his mobile?



Anu Leponiemi * anu (thingie) lepo.net * +358 40 525 7328 * www.lepo.net

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