2 Feb 2009 - 7:36pm
7 years ago
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Al Abut

Preparing a presentation on Fireworks

I'm getting back into public speaking and giving a short presentation
next month on my design process in Fireworks, so I thought I'd
collect some questions from the list in advance.

27 May 2008 - 4:53pm
8 years ago
6 replies

Fireworks CS4

I have noticed over twitter two very different takes on Fireworks CS4.

Who has downloaded the beta? Who is trying it out - and what are your
thoughts so far, as it relates to prototyping, etc....just want to take the
twitterstreams and bring it into public discussion.

DaveM: You first...

21 Mar 2008 - 6:03pm
8 years ago
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Matt Nish-Lapidus



So, I've heard a lot about using Fireworks for working through a
design from wireframe to prototype, even to finish visual design.. For
the people who use/love Fireworks I have a few questions:

- how do you integrate with the standard graphic design workflow
involving Photoshop/Illustrator. Photoshop files import as bitmaps,
so it's hard to convert things into symbols etc...

- on the other side.. what if you have to work with other designers
not using Fireworks?

22 Jan 2008 - 5:28am
4 years ago
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Pankaj Chawla

Desktop GUI prototyping tools...


Any recommendations on GUI prototyping tools specially for desktop
application prototyping. I could find a good list at and am looking at any feedback
on the ones listed or maybe a new tool not listed there but somebody has
used and strongly recommends.

The need is to capture the paper prototypes into higher fidelity prototypes
that can be tested and reviewed before getting commited for actually coding.


30 May 2007 - 12:35pm
9 years ago
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Fireworks CS3

Despite today's excellent point that our most important tool is our brains,
I'm wading in with a few quick remarks about the newest Fireworks release.
I've used it for almost two weeks now and am loving it.

Here's why:

- For folks on Macs, it's (finally) Intel native. A huge performance
improvement on my MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz.

- They've introduced the concept of "Pages". Previously, if you wanted to
capture more than one screen or screen states in a single file, you had to
either use layers (an awkward choice) or frames (a better choice).

7 Aug 2006 - 8:59pm
10 years ago
28 replies

Illustrator vs Fireworks

I know that Fireworks has come up occasionally in the discussion of prototyping tools, so hopefully this isn't too off-topic, but can someone who's used both FW and Illustrator help me out on something...

Am I suffering from familiarity delusion, or is Illustrator just horribly antiquated? I recently started using Illustrator 9.0 for a traditional publishing project. Admittedly, the splash screen copyright says 1998-2000, so maybe I'm comparing oranges to rotten apples. I hope that's the whole explanation.

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