30 Jun 2007 - 5:15am
8 years ago
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iPhone - review

I was going to respond yesterday to the "who is buying an iPhone"... but
decided to wait and just post an initial review...

I got one... sort of. I bought one for my wife. And trust me when I tell you
it is even cooler than the appears in the commercials. I was going to wait
for the next generation version to come out, but I might just go ahead and
get one.

There was no line at the AT&T store at 7AM yesterday morning when I stopped
at Starbucks for coffee (they're right next to each other) on my way to
work, so I decided I would check back at lunch.

29 Jun 2007 - 3:34pm
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

what does the iPhone have/doesn't have

David Pogue put together a great FAQ about the iPhone.

For example, Todd, there is no iChat.

Now, remember I said my company is buying me one, but after reading
this, I'm not sure I would buy one. Here's why? remember I want to
focus on hardware issues, but there are some important software issues
for me that became apparent. Maybe these can be changed in the
firmware at a later date. Let's hope so:

1. can't use as a WAN modem for my laptop - This is a major thing I
want in my next phone.

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