28 Oct 2008 - 12:45pm
7 years ago
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Dan McKenzie

Can good design save the world?

Wall Street has gotten itself and the rest of the world in a huge mess.
Could good design save the world?

27 Mar 2008 - 12:21pm
6 years ago
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Jeff Axup

Use Case / Requirements Management Tools

Hi Everyone,

My company is currently looking into tools to manage use cases and

Since these terms can mean a wide variety of things I'll give an example of
how we're using them:

*Requirement:* The product should be secure and protect the safety and
privacy of the user.
*Use Case:* The user logs on to the system.
*Sub-use case/scenario:* The user has mistyped their password while logging
*Associated features: *Login screen, password security feedback, lost
password functionality, error feedback system.
*Associated users/actors: *Child, parent, administrator

We are developi

31 Jan 2008 - 11:10am
8 years ago
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Murli Nagasundaram

Social app popularity begins to decline

Social apps are far more complex than single-user apps. I wonder to what
extent a lack of social psych research input into the design of these apps
-- the most popular ones having been designed by college undergrads -- is
causing their popularity to plateau? To me, this suggests a discontinuity
similar to the one that occurred when command line interfaces were displaced
by GUIs. Every GUI out there can trace its origins to the the
multi-disclipinary, thoroughly grounded research conducted at Xerox PARC. I
think it's possible to go only so far by the seat of one's pants.

31 Jan 2008 - 6:21am

More Design Thinking & Strategic Design

*Another Blog Posting on Design Thinking & Management from Fast Company. *

"Is the Design Revolution Here? Can Designers get to the top of a publicly
traded company?

In the past months I've read several articles and blogs about the
possibility that Jonathan Ive, SVP of Industrial Design at Apple, could
succeed Steve Jobs as CEO. As far as I can tell this is only a rumor, but it
prompts the questions: Is corporate America ready for the design revolution?
Can designers be CEOs?

23 Jan 2008 - 12:22pm
8 years ago
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Jim Jeffers

Good Rant on lack of Good GUI Design Software

Just thought I'd share:

Jason Santa Maria posted an excellent rant on his blog about the lack
of a solid design application for creating GUIs. Most of us jump
through hoops to accomplish our designs in traditional art programs
such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

23 Nov 2007 - 2:03pm
8 years ago
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Pawson, Mark

Can Contextual Design be used to define a business process

Well its November and time to reorg the corporation again:)
We are looking at ways to integrate UCD with Business Development. Specifically we are looking at using methods such as K. Holtzblatt's Rapid Contextual Design to develop a new process, rather than a product, that creates a positive user experience for customers transitioning from a legacy application to a new generation product. We are thinking of doing contextual inquiry to understand the decision process customers go through so we can identify what makes them decide to transistion, what are the pain points etc.

8 Jun 2007 - 4:18pm
9 years ago
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Billie Mandel

Confirmation dialogs - the devil himself, or a necessary evil?

Hi all -

So our esteemed colleagues Messrs. Cooper and Reimann have told us that
confirmation dialogs are insulting and stupid, to be avoided at all
costs -- and in general, I agree with them.

The question, though, is whether there are any cases where it makes
sense to use them.

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