12 Feb 2010 - 4:50pm
Michael Eckersley

Service Tools For Self-Managing Chronic Disease Risk

Dear All,

Last summer I presented a piece at the Service Innovation Design & Dev conference in Chicago. Topic was Service Tools For Innovating Chronic Disease Management. Worked with a great team of IxD and Design Management grad students at University of Kansas. Employed varied research and interaction methods to better understand those either suffering from chronic diseases or at risk for chronic disease. This spring we're picking up where we left off, prototyping and testing the actual tools with patients at St.

9 Feb 2010 - 4:15pm
6 years ago
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Tracy Bickel

JOB: Interaction Designer: Philadelphia; fulltime; DIGITAS

JOB TITLE: Interaction Designer

DEPARTMENT: Creative Services

ACCOUNTABILITY: Director User Experience


The Interaction Designer works closely with clients and agency team
to intimately understand and advocate user needs throughout the
project development cycle.

24 Jul 2009 - 2:45pm
7 years ago
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Phillip Hunter

Usability of pre-filled versus empty in content capture software

(No semantic or grammar debates, I promise)

I'm researching a number of health care software packages. Many of
them have some way of short-cutting data entry, such as pre-selection
indicating the absence of unlikely conditions.

One tool, however, leans heavily on progressively, and supposedly
intelligently, filling in data based on answers given as the user
moves through the queries for content.

30 Oct 2007 - 6:00am
8 years ago
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Application design in health care domain

Hi All,

Does any member have designed the application for hospital or related health care fields? Is there any Samples or Guidelines available for health care domain?

What are the major attributes or details which have to be kept in attention while designing? Any example available which has the least number of mouse clicks?

Please suggest as I am currently working on hospital management application, need some guidance.


Pooja Rastogi

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