2021 Interaction Awards

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Interaction 22

Design during Perilous Times v. 22

2-4 Mar 2022

When we framed the theme for Interaction 21 — Design in Perilous Times — a global pandemic was still on the horizon. We were interested in the state of our practice and of the world around us.

Navigating the last year has revealed truths. Our shared experience underlines the importance of connection, collaboration and community. Gathering together is something we value — even when doing it online. Equally, though this is a global phenomenon, our experiences have been very different. Equity, diversity and inclusion are more critical than ever. We only succeed when our efforts are truly human-centred.

As we get ready to gather online — again — for Interaction 2022, we find ourselves asking this question:

One year on, what have we learned?


Interaction Design Education Summit


Mar 2022

Each year, we build on what we’ve learned from previous summits while maintaining our focus on advancing interaction design education across all levels of the career development path from early education to professional learning.

Interaction Awards


April 2022

The 11th Interaction Awards Ceremony. A gala celebration of the best Interaction Design with the entire IxDA global community!

IxDA Student Design Charette


March 2022

The IxDA Student Design Charette reflects the growing diversity of design education and practice; annually over 100 students compete, from all over the globe. These students represent the best of the next generation of interaction design, product design and service design.


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